Some Exciting Projects Ahead For The London Design Agency And The Launch Date Of New Website Soon Approaches


There’s some exciting things in store for this London Design Agency, some adventurous projects are booked in that are soon to be worked on and we’re nearing the completion date of the launch of our new website.

Over the next few weeks Brightside Print & Design will be working on some projects for some fairly high profile clients. We’re very excited about this and hold your breath because we’ll be blogging about this fairly soon. In the meantime it is life as normal. Or is it?

Actually, it’s not. In at least a couple of weeks we shall be launching our redesigned website. Hopefully it shall raise our profile and improve the navigation for any visitors. More importantly it will enable us to provide case studies and clearly present the work this London Design Agency is proud of. Don’t worry the event shall not pass you by, trust us, the world will know!

Other than that though, life will continue as normal. There’s plenty of the “bread and butter” work in store for us. We have brochures to design, reports to print and branded promotional merchandise to supply for numerous tradeshows and events.

Other than that there’s not too much to report, some maybe just a short blog this week.

If you need anything designed or printed please feel free to get in contact.

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