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Business Card Printing Services

Business cards can be printed digitally or lithographically within a short period of time. By offering both types of printing, we offer the opportunity to print in 'emergency' situations that require a quick turnaround, supplying low cost digital cards to get you to that meeting on time!

When the time comes to order cards for your entire team we are able to provide a bespoke service with multiple finishing options such as laminating and foil blocking, etc.

As with all types of print, business cards vary greatly, depending on how the client wishes to be represented. So please discuss your requirements with us and we'll advise on the various options.

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Introduction To Our Business Card Services

Business Card Printer With Design Services

A business card is often the first time a potential client is aware of you and your organisation. It therefore follows that the impact created by your card will influence the recipient's memory of you. If it's a rubbish card you'll probably be deleted from the individual's mind as soon as you are out of their sight! Too much information on a business card can also prove to be confusing.

The most important thing to remember when considering your business card is its design. It needn't be the most expensive stock, etc. It just needs to have good typography and graphic design. We've had people visit us whose cards must have cost a small fortune – but the impact was negative. The cards were poorly designed and printed on totally the wrong stock.

Really push the boat out and have cards printed on plastic, or with holograms, which can be effective if properly thought through. But for most people a well designed business card on a matt stock is suitable. Sizes vary, but the average card measures 85mm x 55mm, which although not designated a 'standard' size is, nevertheless, fairly common.

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We Also Offer Litho Business Card Printing

If your organisation requires business cards for many individuals, it may well be worth considering having them all printed lithographically and at the same time. By employing this method, the printing plate can accommodate all the names and print them in one run, therefore reducing the cost per card. Alternatively, if only one or two names are required, and in various quantities, then digital printing makes more sense. Small quantities can be run economically on digital equipment – almost instantly.

Apparently, business cards first appeared in China during the 15th century, and introduced into Europe during the 17th century, originally being a calling card, eventually evolving into a business card. These early cards were printed by letterpress, woodcut or even handwritten. In the days before telephones and the internet, most organisations and companies employed salesmen/saleswomen that were referred to as representatives, or 'reps'. It was vitally important that they had ample stocks of business cards as very often, the information contained on the card was the only vehicle to advertise the representative's contact details. Nowadays, if one forgets the contact details it can often be obtained by visiting the website. But, to conclude, there is nothing quite like obtaining a person's business card, particularly a well-produced card, to impress that person's identity on the recipient.

Additional Information

During the 17th century business cards (calling card) emerged in England as a promotional tool for owners to easily advertise their trade and provide a simple map to their specific place of business. Today, business cards are still a solid investment as a promotional tool.

Quality business cards are a fantastic form of advertising, and they organically build on the mouth-to-mouth promotion that helps to build many local businesses.  A well-designed card should stand out among the crowd, and represent your business in both design and words. If applicable, it is always wise to include your logo.

A quality business card may also signify reliability and trustworthiness, as a company's reputation - not to mention their credibility - is at stake when a card is used to interest a prospective customer. That said, having business cards on hand always opens you up to a potential networking opportunity. 

Type of Business Cards

There are a number of different types of business cards available. What is commonly referred to as the "Classic Card" is probably what comes to mind when you hear the term business card.  The format is usually pretty standard, and the card contains all necessary information, including point of contact names, phone number, and title and business location. The classic, and unfussy, design tends to work well for non-creative industries such as the medical, consulting, or sales field. Naturally, photographers in London, artists and graphic designers will want to utilise a flashier design. 

An innovative new printing method, often called "wild format," is a technique that can completely change the look and feel of your business card, as it introduces new shapes and folding techniques. You may elect to print with a large, folded format that essentially turns your card into a small, informational brochure or perhaps you'd like cards half the size of classic printing. You may even decide to have your cards printed in the shape of a lightning bolt or unconventional circle design. Either way, it certainly makes you stand out from the crowd.

In recent years using useful items as business cards has emerged as a popular trend. As an example, many restaurants or high end bars use matchbooks instead of the traditional business card format. Hand fans for heating and air conditioning businesses have also been used, and even large combs printed with salon information. Business Card Printing is truly an open-ended market that is able to cater to the most creative of ideas.

After investing in business card printing, you'll certainly want to protect that investment. Enter the business card holder or container. Just like the cards themselves these come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Holders can be stationary or portable, and can be made of plastic, leather, paper or metal - in a myriad of bold colors and designs. To browse and purchase, a wide selection of holders are available at most big box retailers and office supply chains. You may also want to check out online retailers, who often provide a virtually limitless selection.