Annual Report Design

Your Annual Report is your company. It represents you. So it needs to be the best. The very best. It should be legible, incorporating excellent typography and easy-to-read tabular matter. A welcoming document. That's what we do for our clients. Produce award-winning Report and Accounts for both the private- and public-sectors.

To complement the graphic design, we utilise sensible typography and excellent photography. Our photographer is available to produce those shots that best represent your organisation. Our many years' experience of photography has enabled us to understand the images that can and cannot be used when producing a publication, such as when permission of an adult is required or whose faces to obscure. These may seem trivial, but if ignored can lead to reprimands – and much worse.

Working for a major public-sector client, our work has won first prize in Accountancy Age for the best report and accounts in its sector. Let us work with you to produce a cost-effective, legible and visually pleasing document.

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