5 Common Digital Marketing SEO Company Email Fails Solved

A Brightside Guide To SEO Success. 


We’ve Faced Our Fair Share of Fails In The Arena of Digital Marketing Services, So We’ve Compiled Some Helpful Advice. Whatever You Do Don’t Put This In Your Spam Folder!  

Mondays (insert melancholy music and eye roll emoji). They’re great, aren’t they? You go to sleep on Sunday at ten o’clock, which really means sifting through tonnes of blogs concerning affordable SEO tools for your company, digital marketing agencies in London, and SEO companies in Stratford, watching YouTube tutorials, and reading powerpoints in preparation for your dreaded board meeting. Afterwards, you switch to Instagram hate liking posts you’ve seen all from those particular accounts you never wanted to follow in the first place. You know the people I’m talking about, right? Abandon that old nursery rhyme of butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. How about that weird neighbour obsessed with baking bran muffins (cat lady from the Simpsons springs to mind) or Martha and Norris, that couple from the gym who really just need to move to Australia so that we don’t have to ask how little Sarah is getting on at big school? Of course, when you reluctantly drag yourself to work, mingling among your colleagues around that water hole of a vending machine, you pretend you were reading or re-reading to seem even more pretentious, Ulysses to connote a whiff of intellect. How about proclaiming The Road to Wigan Pier to really ruffle Eugene and Hilary from human resources feathers since they didn’t know you were capable of devouring such literary leviathans?

Before all that, though, you find yourself eventually visiting the land of nod only to be disturbed by a loud ping on your phone at exactly 1:30 am. You awake to find your mouth dry, that dreadful morning breath already making an unwelcome appearance, and eyes disorientated as you retrieve your phone. After a brief moment of re-discovering that you’re a human being and adjusting the brightness setting, you observe in your notifications bar that dreaded email symbol and regard the detailed list of demands horrid Henrietta has sent for you. Barely even conscious, with a limited perception of your surroundings, you place down gently (more like drop with a thud) your phone. Roughly two hours later, this happens again and you discover that the previous email wasn’t meant for you. Merrily you close your eyes as they acclimate once again to the darkness with relief washing over your person.

But then, just as you drift further and further into a lucid state, your serene slumber is broken at 5:45 am when an onslaught of emails machete their way into your inbox. The party has really begun. The flurry and beehive of activity in your notifications give the St Patrick Day’s parade a run for its money. The worst part? The first email was intended for you and now there are at least three more from the boss lady, two from that junior whose questions are probably so entirely pointless, and three from accounting which isn’t even your department. That final email really irks you as you discover an email from a random company stating: “The Best Digital Marketing Company in London.” (spoiler alert it’s us). 

Brightside Print and Design Ltd Is now offering advice on all manner of Search Engine Optimisation enhancements including content writing and online marketing tutorials.

If it isn’t already apparent already, the central nucleus to this article concerns itself with emails and their general effectiveness as the main subject (I understood that reference) and as a way of digitally marketing your brand through systemic SEO tactics. This practice is employed up and down the UK from the bustling hotspot of swanky Stratford to the coastline of Kent. Increasingly, emails, as an instrument of virtual marketing, have since been adopted as arguably the principal method to expose oneself, in addition to their brand or company. As commonplace as this practice is, however, there are often times when harnessing emails becomes challenging since a multitude of mistakes are made by companies endeavoring to appeal to their consumers. For every success story you may have had or heard of, so too are there the failed attempts whereupon, by making even the slightest readjustment, things could have turned out wildly different for all parties involved.

Managing director of Brightside Print and Design Laurence Hobbs knows this problem all too well. He explains, “Anyone who runs a business or organisation can appreciate the complexity of SEO and online marketing. Even when times are plentiful it remains a big challenge to bring on new blood as well satisfying our existing client base.” When factoring into consideration Brightside’s profuse reputation in the district of business optimization with regard to the print and design world, upon occasion errors have been made that have been subsequently as well as unabashedly learned from. The following details a list of common difficulties our brand as well as our other accompanying brands, including London Design Agency, have had to contend with when attempting to bring on board fresh recruits as well as the simple slithers of guidance to easily rectify the problem.

1) Too Many SEO Service Emails Will Spoil The Soup 

Stalking Much? Though born from noble intentions, overwhelming your clientele with an abundance of emails seldom makes for successful bedfellows. 

Naturally communicating with consumers far and wide; from every corner of the globe and from every walk of life, can be best achieved through professional emails. A relevant example would be sending an email to a potential client with a subject line to the essence of, “How can we help improve your search ranking, What is an SEO agency or Effective SEO Packages in London.”

One possible idea may be to send an email entitled “Low cost SEO services” one week and then an unrelated email, “SEO companies in London,” the next. The danger a smorgasbord of businesses face is that they become far too bogged down with sending an abundance of emails so much so that it comes across as a wee bit disturbing.

Consider this scenario from your own individual perspective. For your News Years resolution, you decide (like 99% of every Bob, Phil and Dave) to join a gym. You do so and then after two or three days you receive on average five emails a day all promoting sports wear, water bottles and equipment. I think it’s fair to say you would be royally irked by that. So you can imagine what your consumers must feel when you overwhelm them with generic emails despite the intentions being purely noble.

A successful method of attaining interest from your clients or customers is to methodically plan when is exactly the right moment to send them to your clients. For instance, the summer is a perfect time for people to get out and exercise so why not use that time of year to market your brands.

2) Concise And To The Point Affordable Digital Marketing Queries.  

Close But No Cigar. It’s usually the most obvious thing that is the most difficult to see.

A cornucopia of emails are sent to recipients every passing moment which logically indicates a greater level of retention. However, it matters not how many are sent but rather the content of the subject line of the email instead. This is often considered a trivial and often inconsequential element of an email but new research has documented that it is actually more of a necessity than people would first imagine. In a survey that was carried out it was found that approximately 45-49% of recipients open an email according to the subject line alone.

Factoring this into consideration, it becomes apparent the need to make your subject line of any query all the more relevant and to the point. Such a method of making it captivating can be achieved in one simple way through aiming to make the message less than ten or twelve words. An example? A snappy and concise subject line such as, “Digital Marketing Services in Stratford.” It works effectively since it’s to the point and immediately captivates your clients while arguably bordering on being abrupt.

Naturally, any relevant information is important but securing a healthy balance of getting enough information across while not saturating them with text is a Herculean feat within itself. Interestingly enough there is research that says by putting something as colloquial as an emoji can help bolster interest.

3) When To Contact Clients Regarding Content Marketing Tools. 

 A Clockwork Orange? The time in which you contact your clientele is indeed of profuse importance and not something to be casually dismissed. 

Right so you’ve managed to learn to send the right number of emails and you’ve written the best subject line to captivate your potential business partners. You have wonderful ideas and can offer them the scoop on, “Professional SEO Agencies and/or SEO Agencies in Kent,” (because who doesn’t like the Kent coast). Yet the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune continue to bedevil you since your message still falls into the sullen pit of ignorance. And this is because, in simple English, you’re sending them at a time that is far too inconvenient for people to either acknowledge or respond to.

When someone fishes it’s of vital importance they know areas where there are high concentrations of fish so as to maximise potential. This is precisely the mindset consumers should adopt for their email tactics. It is incumbent upon all business owners that the time is adopted as a perfect storm for generating awareness.

To help illustrate, consider the following. Monday is a less than ideal day since it’s straight back from the weekend so most people will find themselves inundated with emails. I suppose the last thing anyone wants to see when they're half asleep is, “Check out our low cost digital SEO Agency.” Hence, it makes sense to avoid sending on this day as much as possible and instead opt for more amicable days such as Tuesday and Thursday. This is because it will enable your target demographic to have cleared away a good proportion of their emails to make way yours. There is further the added benefit of the recipients being more engaged and motivated during the middle of the week.

4) Don’t Bore Your Clients Even If You Can Improve Their Search Ranking. 

Yeah I know Right That Story’s Crazy: We’ve all been in situations where sleep looks more appetising, that’s why it remains crucial to keep your target demographic as enticed and engaged as possible. 

In days gone by, an email typically was little more than a long generic stretch of text merely informing the populace about a mundane product that they wished to distribute. However, emails must evolve and thus more intricate systems of client retention needed to be both contemplated and subsequently fostered.

The critical period, for want of an amicable terminology, lies within the first two or three sentences of an email. The first thing your respective readers should clap eyes onto should be something that instantly grabs their attention. Naturally, there are a myriad of ways this can be achieved; you could connote a whimsical tone, you may consider opting for a rhetorical approach. Something creative as opposed to factual may also do the trick as it exhibits an engaging aura rather than just churning out generic facts which is what you should focus on later.

To illustrate, consider the following. Imagine you’re a small company in a district of London such as Stratford and you wish to garner the interest of a large blue chip organisation offering them SEO knowledge. Firstly, remembering the former advice make your subject line engaging but to the point, e.g. “Best SEO Marketing Agency in East London.” Now that you’ve sparked their curiosity you can afford to be quirky and a tad eccentric.

Following on from the latter, it is important, however, that you do not just purely focus on drumming facts and statistics into their head. Of course relevant information such as figures from the last quarter, and the growth predictions for the new year are indeed a necessity and should always be included. Despite their importance you also don’t want to make the mistake of boring your clientele so much so that jumping out the window looks more appetising than the product you’re displaying!

5) Another Low Cost SEO Agency Email, Vicar? 

Please Sir I Want Some More. If you’re successful with your email strategies then you can look forward to your clients coming back for seconds and thirds.

Everything essentially boils down to a numbers game. At first sight this may seem paradoxical since it was stated above that too many emails can come off as slightly creepy. Then again too few emails doesn’t get your message across effectively. Regardless of the size of your business and subsequent pool of contacts, emails are a vital method of generating awareness. That’s all good and well but what does that mean for the average Joe and how many emails should be sent?

A principal tactic to adopt is to send a kind message once your consumer has signed on to your brand. This is very much the norm in the technology sector as an email is sent to you once a product has been purchased inviting you to take a gander at all the various other products they have to offer. This is effective, with evidence of approximately 80% of consumers viewing these as favourable, as they help put your client at ease, building a good rapport and also exhibit relevant information.

A predominant example would be the following. You have been successful in your first email entitled, “Local SEO companies in London” and, by churning out creative content, you have actively engaged your clientbase. So now they’re hungry for more and the next rational line of action would be something like, “Affordable SEO Services in London,” followed by “Best SEO Packages in London etc.

Maintaining interest bears equivalency with keeping a fire going. It isn’t enough to just have a tinder bundle burning since you need to gradually increase the size of the flame through raising the size of the fuel. This parallel exists in the world of marketing since you want to retain interest too but tentatively. This demonstrates an eagerness to make sure they don’t feel neglected but the volume isn’t so great that it deters them from your brand.

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