Web Designer

Ona graduated with a Psychology degree from the University Autonoma of Barcelona allowing her to communicate with clients and understand their needs and business objectives, interpreting these objectives creatively. She has vast experience in the sector of art and communication, and has an outstanding knowledge of graphic design software including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc. Ona is very creative. She develops a design format from the copy supplied and incorporates the client's images. If no images are available she selects relevant images from the various sources we have (these being reputable image banks, with small charges per image) and offers page designs in PDF format to the client. When the final pages are passed by the client, Ona usually sends these to Richard, who very quickly and efficiently incorporates the designs into the finished website.

Web Designer at Brightside


Dante is a designer, illustrator, stencil artist and travel enthusiast. His years of  studies in Graphic and Web Design, extensive work experience, and years of freelancing for clients big and small have given him a unique perspective on the value of design in business. Always looking for new challenges, he moved to London over a year ago wishing to continue the process of growth as a designer.