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Promotional Merchandise – A Brief History Part 1

During the 18th century the first trace of promotional merchandise appeared. A cigar manufacturer that wanted to increase his sales had the brilliant idea to customise his cigar rings. “Mr X wishes you a happy new year” was consequently the first message of the history of promotional products.

An interesting anecdote in this rich history regards the creation of the word “gadget”, still used today to designate a small promotional item. This word would be an adaptation by the Americans of the name of Mr Gaget, a Frenchman involved with the construction of the Statue of Liberty. He is said to have sold miniature version of it in New-York, with his name on it. Everybody wanted a “Gaget”, or gadget, and the word became so popular that it is still used today.

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Rendez-vous soon for the continuation of the story. We will see what consequences the 2nd World War had on the promotional merchandise...


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