Back To Work And Brochure Printing In The New Year?

A new year, a new beginning.  Well, it's back to reality now in South and Central London. We've had our rest and it's time to kick on with the new side of the leaf we've all been gifted. As expected, the first week of the year hasn't been a mad rush. It's more of a period for everybody to acclimatize to the office environment and wade through their emails and open any late-arriving Christmas cards! The thought of brochure printing isn't quite yet in people's minds.

As you all know a major deadline date for projects to be completed is Christmas. Now that hurdle has been jumped, we find ourselves in the time when everybody gets around the meeting table, coffee at close hand. Very soon they'll be grabbing their marker pen and highlighters and drawing spider diagrams all over their flip charts strategizing as to what brochure printing is going to be required between now and Spring. Here at Brightside Print & Design, we've experienced this in every one of our twenty years in business. They'll be gradually built-up to the end of the financial year and then we'll go through the same process again on the way through to the Summer holidays. It's the norm!

If this is currently on your agenda, then read on. I am about to give you two Top Tips that, when thought about it are blindingly obvious. Here you go...

Printing Top Tip No. 1

The most economical brochure you can print is one that when printed creates as little waste as possible. Whilst this is good for the environment and will please the folks over at the FSC and ISO, it will also stretch your marketing budget that little further. As you are most likely aware, a standard brochure (paper folded in even halves) can only consist of pages in increments of four. If you want to take advantage of the sheet that your document is being printed on then the golden page numbers you want to work towards are eight, sixteen, and thirty-two. Think about it, if you have a twenty-eight pager, then there'll be a four-page space guillotined off and thrown in the recycle bin and then winding up like this...

The wastage however will be accounted for the quote because the printer has to buy it, it costs money. Why throw it away when you can use it?

Printing Top Tip No. 2

Think about your paperweights for printing. Does your publication need to be as heavy as it is? Sometimes a really thick cover, in my humble opinion, can be completely unnecessary. Depending on how many text pages you have, it may not sit perfectly flat on the table. I personally think that's a really important presentation feature. Of course, an added benefit is the inescapable fact that the lighter the paper the cheaper it is. The thickness of the paper does not always guarantee a high-quality product. What is also not always necessarily accounted for further down the line is the added extra weight may be the difference in entering a more expensive postage bracket.

I realize that I have only given you two top tips, and I'll admit it, there are others. I will probably put some of these in future blog articles, but I'll be honest, I'm saving the best for when you contact us.


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