Flyer Printing Continues Uninterupted Whilst Brightside Moves!

For those that don't know, Brightside is moving office. Don't worry though, we're not going far. We are in fact moving upstairs to unit 112. So if you're in need of flyer printing, from the beginning of February our new address will be as follows:

Brightside Print & Design Ltd 112 Linton House 164-180 Union Street London SE1 0LH

The new space will be larger and for those that have visited we'll still be within the Workspace building you won't have to step out into the corridor between the offices and production! Our telephone numbers will remain the same. The current space has served us well but we're pushing on and looking forward to having all of the team operating within the space.

Although last year, 2011, was not the best year for the economy we still managed to complete print, design, and promotional merchandise projects than the previous year (so graphs are still going upwards!).

As you are most probably aware, BrightsideBits continues to grow, offering value-for-money promotional merchandise. New products are constantly being added, so remember to check www.brightsidebits.com regularly.

Please contact us for the latest catalogue.

2011 also saw an increase in turnover in our digital printing department for both general printing and posters, with litho continuing to hold its own in a difficult marketplace.

Brightside’s website design and hosting team are offering cost-effective solutions, combining professional design with the latest technological advances in digital communication.

Let’s hope 2012 is a good year for us all.

Now for a summary of last week's work. As expected, the industry has slowly come back down to reality and shaken off the cobwebs. There was a distinct pick-up in the volume of telephone calls and projects coming in. Some of the usuals like posters for a nightclub promoter to wire-bound documents for a conference organizer.

One particular project that we were quite pleased with was the design and print of a four-page A4 document that was to be used for an event. Originally when we first heard of it, it was to be a 5/6 pager separate leaf and stapled top left. Our suggestion to improve its presentation by condensing it into four pages was willingly taken up and you can see below for the finished results:

Design Before and After

When first priced up, the stock to be used as a standard 80gsm. This was raised to a 160gsm used on our digital press. The end product being a much more professional and presentable product. Needless to say, we'll always produce what you require from us, be it basic printing or a slightly more elaborate project. However, we'll always endeavour to ensure that you're advised as to what is your most cost-effective option or alternatively suggest an approach that would,  for want of a better word, spruce up your document.

If you do have something on the horizon, whether it's this week or next month, get in touch and we can discuss how it can be tackled. And remember if this is a completely alien topic to you one of our Account Managers will hold your hand the entire way. Click on the link to contact us.


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