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We Offer Excellent Lead Time For Colour Brochure Printing

Is there a standard lead time when colour brochure printing? Well, as you would guess, it naturally depends upon the project. There's too many variables to have a definitive answer. A good rule of thumb however, is five working days. One word of advice though, don't live by this rule.

There's far too many factors that come in to play. To begin with, how many copies are you looking to print? If you're after ten of thousands, the leadtime may be affected. On the other hand if you need only a handful they could be run out on a digital press, in some cases the very same day.

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At Brightside Print & Design we aim to keep you abreast of the project with step by step updates. Something as simple as the type of paper used may play a key role. If you after a particularly adventurous material that is not a stocked product, then it would have to be ordered in. This of course may add a day or so too. This also applies to any additional finishing that may be required. If the document is to have anything embossed on the covers, a blocking die will need to be made and shipped in, thus adding to the turnaround time.

We Can Be As Speedy As You Need For Colour Brochure Printing

Having said all this, this week provided a great opportunity to demonstrate how quickly a diverse project can be turned around. Late on Monday afternoon we received a telephone call from one of existing clients that had just overtaken a European organisation with two branches on the continent. With this new influx of staff we had to produce a whole host of items before their launch on the Tuesday just after the bank holiday and it wasn't just colour brochure printing! Items required consisted of fact sheets, leaflets, and brochures. The list doesn't stop there though, besides just regular printing they required a handful of promotional items too. Cotton shopper bags printed two colour, an embossed notebook and and mugs. All of the above was produced within 48 hours, 700 hundred copies of everything in next to no time. That's not all though, having produced everything , we then had to collate everything and ship it out to Poland and the Netherlands. We say shipped but it actually went out by airfreight (see above). In fact we did it so quickly, it would have probably impressed the folks here! Is there a team event for London's fastest printer? In summary, the answer to the above question does not exist. It all depends on what you need and when you need it by. To avoid disappointment, plan ahead. Take inspiration from the Scouts and "Be Prepared".

As A Top Printer Our Colour Printing Prices Are Cheap

If you are planning ahead and need some advice or a competitive quote, please fell free to call our offices and a member of our helpful staff will talk you through you requirements. Not only will they be able to aid you in choice of product but most likely they'll be able to suggest methods of tackling your project to ensure it remains economical and efficiently produced. You can find all of our contact details here.

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