A Review of 2012 - A London Business Selling Colour Brochure Printing!

!Moving into the new year last January, it was nigh impossible to predict what the year had in store for a London business selling colour brochure printing. Whilst we have a highly established client base, some of whom we have worked with for nearly our entire operating twenty years, the majority of business comes from projects that are out of the blue.

For example, yes we have prospectuses and annual reports we design and print year in year out, however, whether one of the clients wants to produce a sales brochure to distribute is something we'd have to react to. Just like the majority of every other business, we're susceptible to the confidence of the general economy, and needless to say it's been a bit of a bumpy ride over the last few years. Therefore we were not too sure what to expect from 2012. To the relief of all those at Brightside Print & Design,  it has not been too bad.

Fortunately as hoped for our regular projects, the above-mentioned prospecti, and reports, came in. We even added another Academy's prospectus to our portfolio, which we were all very pleased with. Currently, we're designing the prospectus for their new sixth form department. This also added to a growing side of the business which is photography but colour brochure printing has still been our bread and butter work.

The most positive thing that can be said is that as we approach 2013 we believe we're in a healthier position than what we were in this time last year. Over the past twelve months, a lot has happened to the Economy,  London, and to Brightside. At the beginning of the year, we moved offices, somewhat smoothly actually. Our target last January was to streamline our operation and that has been achieved. It's certainly true that hard economic times make you stronger, we've significantly cut down on any wasteful expenditure.

Ironically, the period considered to really boost London business proved to be our quietest time of year. The London Olympics made London like a business ghost town. It was as if every marketing decision-maker had decided to get out of town, having spoken to other printing companies, their experience was exactly the same. Nevertheless, it did not prove too detrimental, because as soon as the Paralympic Games had finished, the work that had seemed to be postponed flooded in and the phones did not stop ringing for a couple of months.

Overall 2012 was not our greatest year, but certainly not our worst. We've developed a lot of interesting relationships with new clients and also, importantly, suppliers too. In our next blog article, I shall discuss our hopes for the oncoming new year because there are most definitely things to be positive about. We're already in a discussion concerning some exciting projects and to use old political cliches, we may not be out of the woods but there really does seem to be some green shoots appearing.  After all, we're based in London, the city that some would call the centre of the business world.

London business selling colour brochure printingJust look at the tourist sites, why wouldn't you want to do business here?


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