January So Far, Business Cards, Design Of Brochures.

So far so good. As expected, 2013 truly did start at the beginning of last week. Our feet didn't hit the floor and the week began with a bang. In the space of five days, there has been everything from business card design to brochure printing and countless posters printed within 24 hours. I know it's early days but one can sense positive vibes for the year ahead. This time last year was a completely different story. Fortunately, so some would say, as technically we were moving offices and a quiet January was maybe a convenience for the whole process.

I did know that the week was going going to be fairly busy as I had entered numerous client and potential client visits into my diary. From Ealing Broadway to Hertford East, Brightside Print & Design has been hitting the pavement with a productive optimism. Which was fun for me, it's always nice to get out of the office and see some of London's sights. En route to Ealing broadway, I passed through White City, the home of the BBC Headquarters!

Finger's crossed we'll be able to keep the momentum up. It's not just our outgoing sales that have been busy, the phone hasn't stopped ringing. We have clients booking printing slots weeks ahead.

We're sure you are, but if you're not aware, no job is too small. Our digital machines can print your documents to quantities as low as you require and needless to say we'll get them produced quickly for you. This week we had a perfect example. On Tuesday morning we were contacted by somebody that had a flight out of the country in the evening. Within working hours we completed the business card design and printed them. Let's just hope the meeting that the business cards were required for went well and their client was suitably impressed.

business card design

This week's projects have been fairly varied though. Yes, there have been the usual bits and bobs such as A2 posters and reports printed but we have seen an unusual increase in promotional merchandise for this time of the year. Not mentioning any names, but we have just started working with two major advertising agencies that have fairly large campaigns beginning this month. They found us, and like all agencies, the project lead times provided were seriously tight. That didn't stop us though.

For one agency we produced the Pint Tumblers, printed two colours, and delivered to their event in Old Street, the burgeoning technology hub of London being dubbed Silicon Roundabout,  by the end of the week. For the other agency we producing their goody bags, well technically they're drawstring rucksacks printed one colour, but we're also providing printed flip flops to go in them!

If you have a project or campaign that your planning for, or even currently working on, please contact us for ideas because believe it or not we're highly experienced in this field. Whether it's just business card design or something more adventurous that you require we're sure we can be of assistance at a very competitive price.


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