The Year Ahead For Brochure Printing Services

Starting the new year with only a couple of days left of the week was always going to be a little bit of a slow start. As predicted, the commute for some Londoners was a little quiet with the unusual luxury of a little more space provided by the members of the working community that had decided to book those days off and start back to work tomorrow. In some ways it's probably a blessing in disguise, it allows you to brush off the cobwebs of the festive period. Yes, tomorrow is the day when the UK goes back to work and for a company like ourselves offering brochure printing services, we enter 2013 with an air of confidence and hope.

As discussed in the previous blog entry, 2012 wasn't too bad for Brightside Print & Design, most certainly better than 2011 anyway. It has allowed us to consolidate and strengthen and we move into the new year with clear knowledge of what has to be done to improve as a business.  The first item on the list is a new design for our company's website, and in the coming days, that shall be soon ticked off.  The new design shall, hopefully, revolutionize our appearance and presentation.

One new area where shall increase our activity is within networking circles. Towards the end of last year, we joined the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, which has so far proved to be a rather productive investment. Additionally, the events are particularly enjoyable to attend too. The other week I found myself blasting clay pigeons out of the sky which makes for a nice change compared to staring at a computer monitor all day. I wouldn't say I was as good as Peter Wilson in the Olympics representing Great Britain (below), but I did OK.

Brochure printing Services

Therefore meeting new people throughout the oncoming twelve months, whether they are potential new clients or suppliers, will be high up on our agenda.

For those of you that are unaware, our main offices are located south of the River Thames, just behind the Tate Modern. To put it in another way, right in the middle of all of the new development that South London is experiencing. Having watched The Shard gradually climb into the sky, we're now currently witnessing countless new structures being put together which will house numerous new and established businesses. A few years ago when we relocated to SE1, we could never have predicted the redevelopment that has occurred, and now, we're thanking our lucky stars. Fingers crossed we'll be able to tap into this new potential wealth of business and benefit from the convenience of our location to them. Hopefully, they'll require some brochure printing services!

Needless to say though, as proven with our existing client base, our location is inconsequential to our operations. We work with a vast array of businesses whose locations vary from our doorstep in Southwark and across the UK to the far reaches of Anguilla and New York. No matter where you're located on this planet, if in some way we can be of assistance please get in touch and we'll go out of our way to provide a good service.

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