A Review of January And Thoughts On The Month Ahead.

One thing that can certainly be said about January is that it flew by. It went astonishingly quick. We hit the grand running very early on in the month and it was pretty much non-stop. If the year continues at this pace then there are very bright things on the horizon for this poster printer located in the heart of London.

Admittedly the majority of our work is reactive and it's difficult to predict what is in store for the month ahead. Yes there are annual projects that we're aware of and we hope will come in but on the whole, a large section of our business is unpredictable. This certainly makes for exciting weeks though. One can arrive in the office first thing on Monday morning thinking that there isn't much in store and then all of a sudden an email flashes up and changes the entire fortunes for Brightside Print & Design.

The projects of the first few weeks of 2013 have been fairly varied actually. Yes, there have been the usual bits and bobs such as leaflets and flyers but to our delight, there has a large number of reports and manuals. These have been saddle-stitched or wire bound (which we can turn around incredibly quickly).  However, the items that have surprised us with their growth in numbers has been Posters. We're not sure as to why there has been such an increase but it seems we have become a poster printer in London with a client base of companies who urgently require posters for the year ahead. Perhaps this is a sign of the advertising industry growing? One can only hope.

One particularly enjoyable project this month was working for a new client who approached us needing training manuals to be printed within a fairly tight lead time. They consisted of 24 pages, were saddle-stitched, and then drilled with four holes along the spine once finished. Accompanying these documents were several forms for the participants. Now, whilst this all sounds fairly standard, we're particularly proud of one fact. The artwork was supplied to us at two o'clock in the afternoon and we managed to deliver it within five hours ready for their training session which was due to commence first thing in the morning. This certainly is the beauty of digital printing.

Let's face the facts, Digital Printing has changed the printing landscape. Had we have not had this capability in our arsenal the client would have been in quite a sticky situation. Fortunately, we did, and they managed to cash in their "Get of Jail Free" card. We have two digital machines, one Canon and one Konica Minolta and they work like Trojans!

If you have anything to print and you need it quickly then please contact us and we'll utilise our digital machines and get you out of a tight spot!

Now let's see if February is going to be the month that everybody hopes it will be because it's no secret that Great Britain could do with a good strong start to the year. We'll let you know if we see any of the proverbial green shoots. 

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