VAT And Print Explained Within Printing Services

Hoping not to have spoken too soon, but the start of our new financial year has been rather positive for these Printers in London. Needless to say, it's still way too soon to predict whether this is the beginning of the upturn for the UK economy but there little things that are occurring that have put the very notion of it into this blog writer's head. Besides our regular predicted projects that we'd hope, Brightside Print & Design has added to its workload with some impressively established corporate clients. Additionally, there's has been an uptake in enquiries from business start-ups which one would hope points to the private sector beginning to take the economical strain which is exactly what the country needs. These Printers in London are doing them but by trying to be a business' most sensible financial option.

Within this week's blog, I shall attempt to discuss the issue of VAT and print. In short, it's a minefield. Some printed matter is exempt and some aren't which can be quite difficult when marketing departments are planning their budgets. Some companies take little note of it when purchasing in the safe knowledge that they can claim it back later on, but some do not have that luxury. When cash flow has to be strictly monitored, the difference of the twenty percent that is sometimes added to bills can have a significant impact on a small company's bank balance, especially during the current economic climate.

If you are currently planning your budget and this potential problem may apply to you, don't forget to ask whether something is VAT applicable and one of our experienced sales staff will be able to answer the question you. In addition, for your reference, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs have published a list of all different types of printed matter and whether they are Zero or Standard Rated. As you can see some things such as flyers and leaflets are VAT exempt but others, like stationery (i.e business cards, letterheads, and comp slips) are standard rated. Regrettably, we do not have the answer as to why HMRC has chosen to differentiate between certain things but we're sure the Chancellor of the Exchequer may be able to help you. Good luck getting a meeting with him.

One person you could have a meeting with, however, is Laurence Hobbs, Senior Account Manager here at Brightside Print & Design. If you have a project on the horizon that you're planning for and require expert advice on keeping it cost-effective then I'm the person to speak to. Obviously, if it's not just concerning printed matter but the design also, then Graham McHarg our head of Graphic Design can join in, and the three of us can sit down and plan your strategies. It's easy to get in touch, please visit our contact page.


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