London Printers Sees Things Brightening Up Despite The Weather.

For some companies, like ourselves, the Spring heralds a new start. Our financial year is over for this London Printers and its time to take stock of our performance over the last twelve months and plan for next.

On the whole Brightside Print & Design didn't have a bad year, admittedly it hasn't been our best but heads are still above water. Let's be realistic, the economy isn't ideal at the moment, and keeping a services business in operation and weathering the current storm is no simple task. Businesses aren't spending, they're still consolidating. However, this blog is not all doom and gloom as there are green shoots sprouting despite this Spring's inclement weather.

One thing a recession does is get rid of all the deadwood and there's no doubt that this has occurred. Inefficient businesses fall by the wayside. It is said that if you can keep ticking over during such hard times it makes you stronger. It's the opportunity for businesses to assess where their wastage is and streamline themselves. This takes time of course and there's very little that can be done other than sitting it out. The light is at the end of the tunnel though. Let's not forget that the downturn happened in 2008, which was five years ago. We're certainly through the worst of it and there is evidence that businesses are gaining back their confidence. When it fully returns, it's our prediction that things will snowball.

This is what this London Printer is waiting/hoping for. When the time comes for companies to prepare their big push, our industry becomes swamped with work. The thought of negotiating over a couple of pence here and there soon goes out of the client's window and the main demand is whether the work can be done in time. Economics is cyclical and the mistake people make is not learning from their experiences. Graphs go up but they must remember that they also go down. They'll be another downturn in years to come and the lessons of today must not be forgotten. George Osbourne's Budget the other day has laid out the Coalition's plans for the next year so now what we're dealing with.

Whether the Government is doing enough to help businesses is a debate for another time. Our businesses, however, can all do our part and sell our services to the world. Believe it or not Brightside Print & Design is doing its bit. We have a nice collection of overseas businesses with whom we work. Not only is our printed work shipped abroad but we're conveniently located in the heart of London and very often a company in America will be hosting a conference and it makes financial sense for the collateral to be produced locally rather than have it freighted in.

In preparation for the next financial year, we've rebuilt our website as mentioned in our previous blog post. We're very proud of our new online presence and we're already seeing results in the improvement of the calibre of enquiry that we receive. This should hopefully hold us in good stead.

If you have an enquiry whether it be print, design, or promotional merchandise please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to help your business grow with us.


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