Reasons Why You Use A London Design Company

A picture tells as much as a thousand words, or so they say. But does it really? We’ve all squinted at friends’ holiday or wedding photographs, trying desperately to recognize someone or something – at times, anyone or anything – but failing. So it isn’t true of any old picture, so much is evident, but a London design company can always offer sound advice.

I used to know an elderly gentleman who is now, sadly, no longer with us. He used to show me the most exquisite photographs, all taken by him. He could certainly have made quite a bit of money if he’d known how to go about selling his images for use on birthday cards, say, or chocolate boxes. As it was, only his family and friends ever saw them.

The man’s son once explained to me how his father set about his photography. First, he would spend an extraordinary amount of time setting up his photograph. As he took mostly landscapes, this didn’t involve him in moving things, but rather in choosing exactly the right spot from which to take his shot. Then he’d need to select his lense, perhaps add a filter, and check the light conditions so that he could set the correct speed and exposure – all the little details that a keen photographer used to have to think about. But as a man who’d lived through wartime shortages, he’d never got over being frugal with film, and this extreme care was why he hardly ever took a dud photo. He’d designed each and every shot before he pressed the shutter!

I don’t imagine David Bailey or Terry O’Neill ever had to be so careful with their resources. As far as they were concerned, if they took several rolls of film, some of the photos, at least, would give the result they needed.

By contrast, we are now very spoilt. We can review a photo as soon as it is taken, crop it in an instant, enhance it and discard it if it’s rubbish. But even so, we perhaps don’t have the natural eye for composition as demonstrated by my elderly friend – or the Baileys and O’Neills of the modern world. It’s not given to all of us to have the ability to create a perfect scene or make an eye-catching poster, leaflet, or brochure. This is where a professional at Brightside, a London design company can help.

A graphic designer knows how to put together any number of pieces of information in a coherent and informative way. He or she can judge whether it’s a picture that’s needed or a thousand words, and how to position each element to optimum effect. They know which font to use for legibility, and when capital letters will help to deliver a message – as well as when to avoid using them. In short, a London design company expert will add substance as well as style to your publications, whether printed or digital.

Call Brightside (number above), a London Design company with a range of design, print, and digital specialists who can offer effective solutions to suit your needs and budget.

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