Back To Basics For London Printer

Being a London Printer for more than twenty years do you remember when we used to believe that computers were going to take over from all things printed and make such things redundant? For a while, we truly thought we’d have no need for printed paper products because everything would be made, delivered, and stored electronically. That was the theory anyway. Books would be obsolete, the printing industry would be moribund. No one would write letters anymore, so the Post Office would hardly be needed. If you wrote a thesis, you’d never print it out. Brochures, catalogues, and company reports in a physical form would be things of the past.

But did we really think we’d stop sending postcards when we were away on holiday? Or never again send Christmas or birthday cards to friends and family? (Although postage costs are becoming quite prohibitive when it comes to sending Christmas cards, that’s quite another story.)

It seems to me that in reality, as a society, we’ve started to produce even more, not less on paper. Certainly, there’s a massive amount of printed material that lands on my doormat each day. Of course, there’s also a great deal more that’s produced electronically than we could ever have dreamt of even a decade ago – just think of all the millions of Tweets, Facebook posts – and blogs – that appear online every day. And yes, you can get books to read on a Kindle or similar device. But still, there’s a demonstrable demand for and love of physical printed material which is, at least in part, because computers make it easier to produce such material in less time, and a small London printer is an inexpensive investment.

You might be tempted to try your hand at producing your own printed materials. Surely it’s enough to have a computer with word processing capability, with a USB cable so you can use your own photos and a desktop printer? But if you want a polished final result, you really do need all the skills that the printing industry has been developing and refining since the days of Gutenberg – these encompass several centuries’ worth of know-how that can really make a difference, whatever your requirements, even if the technology has changed. All these skills are available at London printer Brightside.

You won’t create much of an impression with a smudgy home-printed business card or an amateur leaflet. It’s a good enough set up for the annual round-robin to your cousins, or for the sort of sad notice you find pinned to a tree in the street about a lost pet cat (though your moggie is unlikely to look her best when reproduced on the average small printer), but it really won’t do if you’re trying to attract a serious number of new customers to your business.

Brightside is a London printer who can offer you a full range of professional print-related services. So whether you want a quick turn-around on a short digital print run, or would prefer to spend longer preparing a high-quality, traditionally (litho) printed brochure, we can meet your needs and can advise on which route will produce the best results for you. Our phone number is at the top of the page and we’re waiting to hear from you.


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