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Recently, a precocious two-year-old of my acquaintance was playing games on her mother’s iPhone. It was all good, educational stuff to do with number, letter, and object recognition and she’d seen it all before, which is why, I imagine, she was tempted by the idea of a new game. I expect there was a brightly coloured box that appeared on the screen somewhere (carefully placed there to tempt by a London website designer), and so she tapped it. Whatever it was, she soon found herself at the App Store, and then, of course, she needed to enter her mother’s account password.

Now this child, bright as she is and good at recognizing numbers and letters, cannot yet read, nor does she have more than a hazy idea of what numbers are about, still less any clue about money. But she’d watched her mother deal with this password screen in the past and she knew just what to do. Truly, the world is full of opportunities for a two-year-old.

The little girl pressed the right keys, in the correct order, and downloaded her new game. Very fortunately for Mum, it was just the one game and it wasn’t too expensive. Also, a password is easily changed and, once you know that beady eyes are watching, it’s easier to keep secret. A good website designer will alert clients to similar potential 'problems' (or might they be opportunities in disguise?) before they become an issue for customers.

Elsewhere, a man killed himself because he’d been trapped by a vigilante member of the public who had posed as a teenage girl on a social media website. The vigilante’s aim had been specifically to entrap people who target teenage girls online. Apparently, local police had asked him not to do this, but they hadn’t been able to stop him. And, however great the vigilante’s disgust at people who groom and then abuse vulnerable girls, I don’t suppose he ever imagined that he’d drive another man to the point where he believed his only option was suicide. Neither man comes out of this tale with a gleaming halo.

Other stories in the news portray youngsters similarly driven to despair by extremely unpleasant messages, sometimes posted by complete strangers who, if later confronted with their posts, usually concede that they wouldn’t actually say such things face-to-face to a stranger. The web is indeed a wondrous place but, like any powerful tool, it needs to be handled with great care or it can quickly become lethal, which is where a good London website designer can help.

One of the key questions when looking to engage with others online is, “Who are you aiming to reach?” Then you need to ask yourself “Why?” and “How?” So, are you looking to drive traffic to your website? If you are, plainly it’s important that you are decent, legal, and truthful. But, if you don’t pin down the answers to those first three questions, you may find your efforts are not hitting the spot, which can translate into much wasted time and effort on your part.

At Brightside, we offer a full range of online services, including website design and domain hosting. We’ll ask the right questions to help you to set up anything from a family album to a fully transactional business venture. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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