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London Colour Printer Needs Your Number

Not that we're looking to set up a hot date (but who knows?)… And certainly, City printer Brightside needs your phone number if we're going to undertake work for you. But the number we are really interested in is your Pantone number. Every imaginable shade of every colour in the world can be defined by a Pantone number, and it is these numbers that are the key to getting the best results every time you order a fresh print run of anything from your business cards to paper bags, from stationery to banners or balloons. If you don't know these numbers, then even the best printer – including City printer Brightside – will struggle to fulfil your requirements. Your logo is the face that you present to the world: your “corporate image”. It is perhaps a bit like a woman putting on make-up before going out. For a man, maybe whether he always wears a tie or sports a beard. Certainly, man or woman, if you change your look, it will usually (barring accidents) be a quite deliberate choice.

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The same should be true of your logo design. Consistency will lend your business an aura of dependability, and that is surely a desirable attribute for any serious venture. For your printer, that means that you need to be sure of the colours you want them to use. Of course, if your usual printer retires, starts charging you too much for his or her services, moves to another city or country, or (God forbid) goes out of business, you will need to find a way to continue representing your company using a new service provider with minimal disruption to your activities.

We Match Any Sample For Your Logo Design

While we at London printer Brightside will always try our utmost to match any sample that you can supply, it's far better if you know the Pantone numbers of the colours you want reproduced. Another point to bear in mind is that more colours may mean more expense. So if you're at the stage of commissioning or thinking about refreshing your logo, we can help you make some critical decisions. If you're just starting out, the first thing we'd suggest is taking a careful look at some existing logos. Many are extremely clever in subtle ways that perhaps often go unnoticed (a bit like make-up, ties and beards), but nevertheless can speak volumes about how the business in question regards itself. For example, have you noticed the bear climbing the Toblerone mountain? Or the cyclist in the first 'r' of Tour de France? Or SUN microsystems' clever use of letters?

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At Brightside Print & Design, we spend a lot of time trying to help businesses to find the best ways to present themselves to the world, and we have quite a few suggestions we can offer you. If you would like to use the services of an experienced professional, give us a ring at the number above for a chat. Oh, and one more thing you may want to consider: nothing ages faster than fashion, so it might be better to avoid using Pantone's “colour of the year”? Just a thought from your London colour printer...

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