London Events Planner Brightside Considers A Perennial

An exhibition can mean many things to as many people. London exhibitions and events organizer Brightside knows the many possible permutations.

So what was the last exhibition you went to? Perhaps it was a local flower and produce show, where your friends became your rivals for a brief time (I do hope the best plant, vegetable, cake or marmalade won!). Or did you manage to go to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show this year? I have to admit, I’ve not been lately. Television coverage is plentiful nowadays, with plenty of close-up views, and the crowds can be overwhelming. Also, I’m no longer in a position to be spoilt with a Press ticket. 

But goodness, what a difference such a ticket makes. To go to Chelsea on the same day as Her Majesty the Queen! It’s not that I want to gawk at her, or any of her family, for that matter, nor at the many celebs who also get such privileged entry. But I very much enjoyed the ease of walking about, the relaxed view of any garden or exhibit, and access to stallholders and gardeners during the brief lull between setting up and before the frenzy of the rest of the week.

As it happens, I have seen both sides of the Chelsea Flower Show. I once worked for an organization that exhibited there each year, and I helped out on their stand. On the last day of the week, I and the other (normally office-bound) staff ended by bagging up and selling off produce after the famous bell had been rung at 4 pm.

That was an experience and a half! I never knew that elbows could be so plentiful and sharp or that otherwise polite people could be so determined in their efforts to secure a few veggies. Admittedly they had been prize specimens when first laid out almost a week before, but by the end, to be honest, they had become a little tired and even bashed. But at least it was all in a good cause.

In more recent years, Chelsea has become increasingly eco-friendly, and it’s not just exhibits that are sold, or sometimes auctioned off, for charity. As London events and exhibitions specialist Brightside know, the organizers must follow good practice by trying to ensure that anything no longer required by its original owner is reused whenever possible, even down to broken tools. These and many of the materials are passed on to be reused, repurposed, or refurbished and then donated to organizations for schools, prisons, community projects, Third World countries, or … who knows what or where?

If you are putting on an event, there is much to think about, from banners and signs, name badges, brochures and packaging, stands and trolleys, invitations and large format printing, to dealing with the crowds on the day – and then there’s all the clearing up afterwards... The good news is, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Get in touch with London events and exhibitions organizer Brightside (number above). Whatever your requirements, Brightside can help you, from start to finish, to put on the best possible show.

Oh, and one more piece of good news. I hear that Chelsea organizers no longer allow gas patio heaters on site – hurrah for that! How ludicrous and wasteful to try and heat outside spaces.

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