Linea Azzurro Collaborates With Brightside Print & Design

Winter is that time of year that everyone and I mean everyone, and their uncle Fitzpatrick pretty much hates. Oh sure Christmas is fast approaching but that only means annoying children knocking on the door to carol sing and your irksome relatives coming to visit to bore you to tears with their generic stories. Then freezing to death in the annual firework display to herald a new year which will be just as tedious as this one. What’s worse is you can’t decide whether the Nightmare Before Christmas is a Xmas or Halloween film. 

On the Brightside (see what we did) at least you can be warm and comfortable while the children are screaming that they didn’t get the presents they so demand you buy them. Brightside Print & Design is glad to announce a union with Linea Azzurro clothing. This fashion house offers deluxe Italian knitwear at affordable prices, is based in London, and focuses on delivering quality clothing for both men and women. The inception of the brand saw two childhood friends conspire their efforts to bring together bespoke clothing reminiscent of vintage Italian knitwear to the beating heart of the UK.

On the subject of the two brands joining forces, managing director of Brightside Laurence Hobbs said; “This is a great opportunity not only for us but also for Linea Azzurro. We are always on the lookout for any chance to expand and we feel honored that a clothing company with the reputation and elegance that Linea Azzurro boasts has chosen to utilize our services. While clothing advertising isn’t our specialty, we have flexibility in terms of our business ethos that enables us to expand into new and exciting ventures." 

linea azzuro with brightside

Linea Azzurro collaborates with Brightside Print & Design. Customers enjoyed 20% off over Black Friday.

Linea Azzurro endeavours to produce pure cashmere jumpers and more, that are produced with absolute excellency. Although it is an operation based in Pont Street, the two friends never forget the Italian connection sourcing 100% authentic yarn from their factory in Italy. The yarn itself is produced in Mongolia which is an amicable location since the cold climate attributed to the country enables the native goats to produce strong and soft wool.

A spokesperson from the company said, “The traditional knowledge of the Mongolian herders yields some of the finest Cashmere in the world. As the fashion industry changes over time, cashmere has always remained highly desirable. We are committed to providing a sustainable, traceable fiber.”

This black Friday customers were given the opportunity of huge discounts from Linea Azzurro including cardigans, jumpers, and woolly fleeces. For more information please visit their website and see what’s in store for Christmas. To learn more about Brightside services, please do get in contact.

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