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Annual Reports vary in both pagination and budgets. We've all seen the absolute stunners, but these do come at a cost. Lots of spot varnish to highlight images, etc., is not cheap. But it is possible to produce a very good report by other means.

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One of the requirements that any legally incorporated company in the UK must fulfil is printing annual reports. According to the Companies Act 2006, companies that do not print and distribute annual reports breach Clause 425 of the same act and its directors could face prosecution. To avoid breaking the law, you should print an annual report and distribute it to your company's members or shareholders. Read on for more on this topic and annual report printing specifications.


The introduction section should contain information on your company's history and its mission and goals. Depending on your business's market niche, you may include overview of products/services, sales and revenues generated during the business year just ending, and future prospects.

Operating and Financial Review

In some business circles, this section is referred to as "Operating and Financial Review" (OFR). It contains information from key departments in a business such as sales, human resources, and accounts. You can think of information in this section as a snapshot of top management's view of a company's overall health.

Director's report

This section usually contains information that the owners and directors of a company are required by the Companies Act and the UK stock exchange to publish and provide to shareholders. For instance, companies that have apportioned shares to shareholders should provide "Statement of Capital" details. Furthermore, they should provide up to date shareholder information.

Auditor's report

The auditor's report section contains the findings of a thorough audit of your company's financial records. Take note an auditor's report is only mandatory if you run a public company. This means a private company may or may not include an auditor's report in its annual report. However, failing to do so is not a good idea because you would face difficulties convincing a lender to offer your business credit facilities.

Financial statements

This section should contain key financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, operating cost statements, as well as sales and revenue projections. At this point, it is worth noting that the UK's Financial Reporting Council (FRC) recommends avoiding the use of technical terms or jargon that could confuse lay people.

Annual report choices

Annual report printers offer their clients a wide range of choices and accept bespoke specifications. To start with, you can order annual reports in paper or electronic form. Furthermore, you can order paper-based annual reports printed in Portrait, Landscape, or Square format. Other choices include wide range of finishes, Gloss or Matt lamination, colored or black and white print, as well as visuals such as graphs, charts, and infographics. However, annual report printing costs vary based on factors like quantity and quality of reports ordered.

Benefits of annual reports

Firstly, you can present your company's annual reports to financiers such as banks, angel investors, and high net worth individuals. Annual reports also ensure you comply with the Companies Act. Moreover, these reports inspire confidence among shareholders provided you maintain profitability. Finally, an annual report acts as your business's blueprint on future expansion plans, acquisitions, and product/service offerings.


Whether you run a public or private company, you should print and distribute annual reports to all shareholders. This report should have introduction, operating review, director's report, auditor's report, and financial statements sections.

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