Leaflet Design

The humble leaflet is more effective than you might think. Leaflet design is vital if you are to entice your target market into going beyond the cover and finding out more.

But surely leaflets are no longer effective in a digital age?  Not true.  Studies show that people trust off-line marketing channels far more than on-line ones.

How Much Do People Trust Leaflets?

Research shows the below relative trust levels in various marketing channels:

Recommendations from Friends and Family  70%

Trusted magazine/ newspaper                       63%

Printed material (e.g. leaflets)                   48%

Company Website                                          32%

E-mail                                                             18%

Twitter and Facebook                                      6%


This research was backed up by a recent survey of students. They were asked how they had selected their university. While many of them had connected to the universities Facebook fan page, they all universally said they made the decision based on the university’s prospectus (essentially a series of mulitiple advertising leaflets bound together) rather than social media. The general consensus was “We don’t trust what is on Facebook fan pages”.  This is at least partly attributable to the fact that people don’t know who set them up and if it is run by the purported organisation.

It is the major problem with on-line channels. You just don't know if people and companies are who they say they are and are based where they say they are. It is cheap (often free) and easy to set up a web site, Fan Page, e-mail account etc. and get your message out there.

Off-line channels aren't tarnished in this way as it costs money to produce the material and costs even more to get in the hands of your prospects and customers. 

So now we have made the case let’s look more at leaflet advertising, what makes a good leaflet and how to design a leaflet.


What is a Leaflet?

A promotional leaflet is a single printed sheet of paper (or card) containing information or advertising.  A leaflet could be a sheet of A3 folded once which gives you an A4 size leaflet with 4 sides.  These mini-brochures are perfect for businesses who need to give you more information (e.g. professional service providers or those selling big ticket items.) 

Equally, a leaflet could be a single sheet of A6 printed on both sides which are useful for promoting shops, restaurants, events etc. 

Leaflets can be used by any business and have many uses.


So What Makes a Good Leaflet?

A good leaflet must have:

  • An attractive and professional leaflet design
  • Strong headline on the cover
  • A strong USP in your copy
  • Your key marketing messages and selling points effectively presented and laid out
  • A strong and compelling call to action
  • Your contact details (including social media) 


It must show your business in the best light and make the strongest possible case for you.


Leaflet Design

Your leaflet must look both attractive (so people will pick it up) and professionally designed and printed. A poorly designed or printed leaflet will damage your reputation and will repel rather than attract clients and customers. Leaflet design is very important. 


Brightside Print and Design are your professional leaflet company.  We’d be happy to help you with your leaflet design and print.  Please call us on 020 7613 7070 or e-mail us at internetenquiry@brightsideonline.com for more information.