Newsletter Printing

Newsletter printing is an affordable method of keeping in touch with your members, employees or client base.

Printed to the highest quality with express lead times and a consistently professional newsletter design, this is a guaranteed way of maintaining your credibility with all interested parties.

As a sales tool it is equally useful. Electronic newsletters always arrive at their destination, but how many actually get read? We find that the printed version always gets seen, perhaps not always read, but certainly seen.

We have no vested interest in this area, as we produce both printed and electronic newsletters, but in our view the printed newsletter is less likely to be forgotten.

It’s actually a lot easier to ignore an electronic custom newsletter with so much of today's marketing being done via email. The word spam is often used and so many emails get deleted without having ever been read.

Newsletter printing uk stands out as the most effective in comparison to email newsletters purely down to the response rate. An effective direct newsletter design might be able to generate between a three and five percent response rate. However, an email newsletter might get half the response rate in comparison to newsletter printing.

Another positive of using a newsletter service is that once they are printed, they are then portable which makes them easier to pass around and reach more people.

Using a printed newsletter design enables the reader to obtain a more in depth understanding of who your company is and what it is you can do or help them with. This is extremely important when trying to sell your services because when a customer feels more educated regarding your services they will be more inclined to use you. This is also very useful if the service you have to offer may be slightly complex.   

As well as being a great tool to help obtain new customers, using a newsletter service for newsletter printing to send to existing customers is a fantastic way to keep them up to date with anything new that might be happening with your business. This could be a new product launch, event or special offers. 

Newsletter printing and direct mail are one of the oldest forms of marketing but also one of the most effective ways. They offer valuable information that is in the best interest of your clients and prospects. People often opt for email newsletters because of the cost difference. However, this is what makes newsletter printing so effective because when there is a greater cost to send them out, you are more likely to be specific with who you choose to send them to meaning they are almost certain to reach your target audience and have a positive impact on your business. It may also be the case that the industry you are in serves a niche market whereby print is the preferred format.

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