Print Finishing

Are you looking for a reliable print finishing company that makes prints look better? At Brightside, we offer high-quality print finishing services that will leave you satisfied. We handle lamination, perforation, die-cutting, spot UV varnish, and binding. We take pride in providing this and more services, ensuring you are happy with what we offer.

1. What is the print finishing? How can print finishing make it look better?
This process requires professional input in cutting the right sizes, binding, folding, and creasing any printed material. Just like the name suggests, our experts will have it finished and designed per your expectations once your project has been printed.
Once the ink has dried, Brightside professionals will use advanced technologies to make your print look better. Print finishing can make it look better by cutting the print into the right size, folding it, collating, laminating, and binding as per your instructions. The results will be pleasing for you as we are here to help in any way you want your print finished.

2. What types of print may you want professionally finished.
• Marketing materials
These materials include any item that plays a significant role in communicating your marketing objectives to your customers. Our company print finishing experts will get the job for you, ensuring these materials send intended messages by ensuring they are well finished.
Billboards, business cards, leaflets, brochures, Flyers, and Posters are the standard marketing materials, and we will create and design them as per your expectations. Our print services include;
• Spot UV
Our experts are well trained to offer spot UV service, ensuring that these materials create the right first impression. We use additional plat to overprint the materials into specific designs. Our primary objective is customer satisfaction; therefore, we do it to perfection.
• Lamination
This process involves a protective coating to your printed materials. We ensure that the paper is both water and tear-resistant, guaranteeing durability. Moreover, this process gives your material a modern look.
• Varnishes
We have a liquid coating to add on printed paper and give it a consistent and smooth finish. This coating does not necessarily add more weight but seals the paper to preserve it for a long time. We use this method mostly on brochures and magazines for your business.

3. How do printed branches, flyers, posters, etc. help paint a positive image for your company?
How people see your business marketing materials matters, and we are here to help create an attractive design and durable well-finished materials that will continue marketing your brand. People can understand the message you want to be delivered.
Our gloss lamination process will add shine to your marketing materials, therefore calling for attention from your customers. These services also give the prints a sophisticated feel and texture and help to create a good impression.

4. How can Brightside Help?
At Brightside, we offer numerous printing services such as lamination, biding, spot UV, varnishing, among other services that involve print finishing. We have the right technology and well-trained staff to get the job done for you. We can help design the perfect artwork and enhance how your marketing materials look.
Our professionals provide competitive prices; therefore, trust us to do the hard work for you and benefit from the results.

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