Annual Report Design

An annual report is used to record and report a company’s activities throughout any given year. If you own a company based in the UK, you’re legally required to print annual reports according to the Companies Act 2006. In fact, neglecting to do so causes you to be in direct breach of Clause 425. This can lead to a number of serious problems for you and your business, including potential prosecution. An annual report's purpose is to provide shareholders and others who may be interested, with relevant information regarding your company’s activities and financial performance. 

Types of Annual Reports

There are various types of annual reports and their purpose and design may differ depending on your business. Usually, the front of the report includes impressive graphics and photographs with a very striking design. It’s a creative way to chronicle the progress of the company’s activities over the year. When you look at the back of the annual report, you’ll notice a more detailed log of various information such as finances. Mutual fund annual reports are a lot plainer in their design and used to fund shareholders. It reveals information such as the financial condition of the company and its operations. 

Annual Report Design

Whether you want a traditional annual report design or something that’s going to stand out and grab your shareholders attention, the design plays a significant role in the success of your annual report. You need to think about how you can pull your business achievements together in a way that is interesting and eye catching. Think about your target audience when you are coming up with the design. If you’re trying to engage people of a certain age group, have this in mind when thinking about things like the theme, colour pallet and font.

It's good to think about your annual report design in terms of its marketing potential. Modern designs are bold, daring and make an impact. If this is the kind of direction you want to take with your report, it’s worth investing in a professional designer to make your vision a reality. You want to compile your quarterly and yearly financial data in a way that makes it readable and engaging. The design of your annual report should highlight the information you want to stand out, such as how your company has grown and improved over the year.

Why have an Annual Report?

The most obvious reason why a company would want to create an annual report is simply that they have to. After all, it ensures you comply with the Companies Act and keeps you on the right side of the law. You’ll be able to present it to other financiers besides your shareholders, including investors, banks and high net worth individuals. Improve your company’s reputation and keep your shareholders interested in your company by inspiring confidence that your company is growing. 

It’s not enough to have a good annual report if the design is lacking. A well-designed annual report captures people’s attention, inspires confidence and increases your chance of gaining more investors. Bright Side Online offers annual report printing and design, ensuring your report is well-designed and shows off your company in the best possible way.

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