Letterhead Printing

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"Letterhead Printing

First impressions count. That's why your business letterhead is so important. You might not give it much thought, but it can have a real impact. It's one of the first things customers and potential customers will notice about your business and it's an ideal opportunity to get your name and your product or service into their memory.

What exactly is a letterhead?

A letterhead is the heading, logo or design that you find at the top of a sheet of paper. It generally consists of the contact details and location of the company. It might also have a background pattern and an eye-catching logo.

Does my business need a letterhead?

With so much emphasis now placed on digital marketing and social media, printed letterheads might seem unnecessary. However, direct mail will always have a key place in any marketing strategy. Professional letterhead stationery gives your business credibility. It's unlikely that all your correspondence and marketing can or should be done purely online. There are times when only physical printed material will do. This is when your own personalised letterhead comes into its own.

What kind of businesses need a letterhead?

All businesses can benefit from having some letterhead stationery on standby for when it's needed but for some businesses it's absolutely essential. If you're a legal company, an estate agent, a financial advisor or anything else that relies on a great deal of trust, then a solid letterhead design is important.

What legal requirements are there for a letterhead?

When you're in the process of making a bulk order of letterheads for your business as well as thinking about types of paper and design, there's also the legal requirements to consider. All company letterheads require you to have your business name, where in the UK your business is registered, your registered company number and the address of your company office. There are also specific requirements for sole traders, limited companies, charitable companies and partnership businesses.

What other details should the design include?

This is entirely up to you but letterhead designs often include;

–   Telephone number

–   Website URL

–   Email address

–   Correspondence address (if different from registered address)

–   The nature of the business if it isn't obvious from the business name

–   VAT number (which is a legal requirement of invoices)

–   Business logo

–   Details of your business social media

Why it pays to bulk order letterheads

If you're ordering letterheads, it's much more cost effective to order them in bulk. By ensuring your design and letterhead information is up to date and likely to last for some time, you can place orders for larger quantities. The greater the amount of letterheads ordered, the lower the unit cost for each one. 

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