Notepad Printing

Beautiful notepadsNotepad printing is where your business has your company logo and details printed onto a pad of paper, with the intention of using them internally or as promotional material. As you can print full colour to paper products, you can have custom notepad printing, with virtually anything you want on there. The printing method used is digital printing so each sheet of paper will be identical. Notepads also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so depending on the notepad design and purpose, there may be a better size for your needs.

Different types of printing

There are several different items you can have your logo printed to, here are a few examples. 

Letterhead Printing

Printing your company logo and information to a notepad for official use is one of the more common uses for notepad printing. Having invoices or important documents with a header and footer makes your company compliant and less likely to miss out information when invoicing. 

Brochure Printing

A great way to advertise your business at Events and Exhibitions, brochures are printed full colour and for as many pages as you need. Handing out a brochure at events such as School open days or recruitment fairs will increase conversion as the target audience can ready through what you offer. This doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, with full colour printing and customisation, you can make it really stand out from the rest. 

Notepad Printing

Can be used for internally and externally, notepad printing is a great way to have your details in front of your potential customers. The idea is that by giving your target audience a useful piece of stationery with your details on, they will be reminded of your business the next time they need your services.

Why would you use a business notepad?

Business notepads are a versatile tool to promote your business. They can be printed in full colour and the print area is the whole paper. A5 notepad printing is one of the most popular options when it comes to notepad printing. A5 is big enough to get as much information as you need on them but do not take up too much space on the clients desk. 

Events & Exhibitions

You do not need to do many exhibitions a year to make the most of the ones you do go to. When taking promotional material to events and exhibitions, you want it to be as effective as possible but also easy to take with you. A business notepad  is a great way to meet both criteria, and they won’t be expensive!