Poster Printing

As a leading poster printer in London we offer a wide range of services.

Our range includes a choice of sizes, paper weights and materials, including plastic, canvas, and adhesive. We can also customise the sizes of the finished articles should there be the need.

Our pricing structure is very versatile as we can also print lithographically for longer runs, making your order far more cost-effective.

To complement poster printing we offer banner stands of varying sizes and designs.We also design and print your individual conference posters with the most impact.

A3 posters are priced £2 each, A2 at £15, A1 at  £20 and A0 at £45 with generous discounts given for multiple quantities.

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All businesses thrive on acquiring new customers and maintaining existing ones. To achieve these goals, businesses must develop and roll out marketing strategies that suit their needs. One of the most effective marketing strategies is poster printing. Here is some more information on this topic:

Poster Printing Process

Although there are several poster-printing processes, the most widely used method is offset printing (offset lithography). This technique involves the use of plates that represent each colour used in printing a poster. Some printers use the standard four (CMYK) colours while others use two colours. In some cases, offset lithography may require the use of speciality colours in addition to the standard CMYK colours. It is worth noting that there are two types of offset printing: sheetfed and web printing. In sheetfed printing, individual sheets of paper are fed into a printer one at a time. On the other hand, web printing involves the use of large rolls of paper fed continuously into a printer.

Benefits of Poster Printing

  1. Affordable: Thanks to advances in computer and printing technology, designing and printing posters is affordable. Even if you are not well versed in graphic design, you can hire a professional to help you at an affordable rate. If fact Birghtside offer a comprehensive poster design service where we can design a poster that will capture your target audience.
  2. Brand visibility: Posters are great tools for increasing brand visibility. You can put them up in locations such as bus stops, train terminals, or spots that receive high foot-traffic. By doing so, you will improve your brand's visibility.
  3. Versatile: Posters are highly versatile marketing tools. For instance, you can embed a QR code in a poster. Consumers who scan these codes using QR code-reader apps could be directed to a landing page that promotes your company's products, access coupon codes, earn discounts, or win prizes. Such versatility can boost sales and improve customer acquisition rates.

When To Use Posters

  1. Rebranding: Posters would come in handy when rebranding your business. However, you would have to place them strategically in spots and places where target audiences are likely to see them.
  2. Discount offers: You can use posters to reach as many consumers as possible when running price discount campaigns.
  3. Product launch: After launching a new product, you can print posters and put them up in strategic locations to inform loyal consumers and others about the new offering.

Where to Use Posters

Thanks to their versatility and affordability, you can use posters in many places. Firstly, you can use them at trade shows and conferences to promote your business/brand. Moreover, you can negotiate with local businesses to allow you to place banner stands in their premises. In turn, offer to reciprocate in a similar fashion.

Well-designed conference posters can improve your brand's visibility because they are affordable and versatile. As such, you can use them for rebranding purposes, promoting price discounts, and marketing newly launched products. The most commonly used poster printing process is offset lithography though one can use other methods such as flexography, thermography, engraving, digital, inkjet, and silkscreen printing for the same purpose.