Flyer Design

Leaflets and flyers are versatile and they can be very effective when used properly.  Let me ask you:

  • Do you want more customers or clients? 
  • Are you looking to attract individuals to your event, show or exhibition?
  • Do you want to get more people into your venue or restaurant?

If so, then flyers might be the answer for you.

When people think of flyers they tend to think of nightclubs offering free entry or bars doing drinks offers.  However, they are much more versatile than this.

Flyers and leaflets can be used to attract:

  • Business owners and professionals by being put in the “take away” bags at exhibitions and events
  • People to an event by being put through doors in the local area
  • Customers into your shop, restaurant, bar etc.
  • Clients to use your professional services such as accountant, lawyer, dentist etc.

They can be used to promote your business or your event, give an offer, share useful information or raise awareness of problems, issues, changes in the law etc.

Research shows that people trust off-line channels much more than on-line channels.  Nobody has ever received printed material from a wealthy Nigerian promising to spilt his inheritance with you in exchange for the use of your bank account. While on-line channels have their place, they have not replaced off-line ones.  It is a good idea though to mention your web site and social media channels on your flyer or leaflet.

Flyer design is very important.  Flyers are best used to promote simple, easily understood offerings (such as a local events, "Buy One, Get One Free Offers" etc.) as there is only so much detail you can fit on them.

The rules of flyer content are simple:

  • Use both sides
  • Always have a headline on both sides.  Headlines must be bold and obvious and make your offer clear to the reader.
  • Photos or images on both sides which take up around 25% of the available space.  These attract attention but give you enough room to include copy
  • Your logo
  • One or two short testimonials from happy clients
  • Your contact details- including address, phone, e-mail and web site along with any social media channels
  • Have a clear call to action e.g. call this number, book your place, come in, visit our web site etc.
  • Have enough comelling copy to convince the reader to take action

Leaflet design is usually more complex than a simple flyer.  The content should be similar to a flyer in that you need a headline and photo on your front page, a strong call to action and compelling copy but there is much more you can add as you have more space. 

You should always start with the purpose of your leaflet and then work out what you need to include to achieve this purpose.  It is always worth discussing your thoughts with us so we can guide you through the design stage.

Once you are happy with your design then whether you are looking for leaflet printing or flyer printing it is important that you use the right print management company.  The right print management company can advise you on print materials.  For example, 250 gsm silk is fine for cheap offers but professional businesses would probably want to use 450gsm as this gives you a solid and reliable feel.  Our experienced staff will guide you through the options to find the best one for your business.

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