Leaflet Printing

It's very difficult to differentiate between a flyer and a leaflet, but generally a leaflet has more than one page. 

Leaflets are printed from a single sheet of paper. They may just be printed on one side, on both sides, or folded to form a four or a six page document. Paper weights may vary, but usually are either 100, 120, 140, 160gsm. Heavier weights than these are less common, but are still used.

The information contained within a leaflet can be of an advertising nature, i.e. to publicise an event or a product, or informative, such as technical details, etc.

As with flyers, leaflets are exempt from VAT.

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As with all of our other products, printing leaflets with us can be as environmentally friendly as you wish. We have access to a vast range of recycled products varying in recycled percentages, thus enabling us to accommodate your budget. All of our paper stock is ethically sourced.

Similarly to flyer printing, the method of printing depends on turnaround time and length of run. For very long runs it is usually recommended to print leaflets lithographically. For short runs, particularly with 'immediate' turnaround, digital printing is the preferred method.

By using a leaflet to promote your business or organisation, a very basic document can be made to look professional, particularly when it incorporates good graphic design. Column after column of type can be very difficult to read, so by inserting images in relevant places within the document it achieves a very professional look. 

At Brightside Print & Design Ltd we print many leaflets for a wide range of clients – public sector, charities, religious organisations, and a varied selection of private sector companies. Many of our clients are involved in conference organisation and we are able to supply leaflets to their venues, be they in London, other parts of the UK, or at international locations. 

We, on occasion, been given copy during the evening at a three-day conference, edited it at the venue, emailed the file to our office where our designers and printers produced a leaflet overnight detailing the previous day's information, despatching the leaflets to the conference by our courier, in time for the delegates' consumption at the breakfast table!

By utilising the extra pages available in a leaflet, much more information can be conveyed than can be contained in a flyer. For example, a one page A4 flyer can use the same amount of paper as a four page A5 leaflet! Astonishing isn't it? 

Also, leaflets can be a valuable tool to publicise a range of products or items, i.e. a range of cars, each model having the same leaflet specifications, but with different cars within the range contained on separate leaflets.

A leaflet offers you the advantage of utilising the inner two pages as a centre spread, which may be useful to display an image or a chart without having to 'cut' the image. 

When folded twice to form a six page document, even more information can be contained, although good design is essential in the smaller page areas. These documents are known as DL, often mistakenly referred to as 'tri-folds', being incorrect as only two folds are employed.