Envelope Printing

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Consistency is everything when it comes to business stationery. Getting your design and brand image across all the stationery you use can help create the right image.

Making printed envelopes part of your marketing strategy

When it comes to branded stationery, customised envelope printing can often be overlooked. That is a mistake. It's paying attention to the small details that can collectively make a difference to your marketing strategy.  Printing your logo or related design onto an envelope serves as a shop window for your business and helps reinforce your brand image from the outset.

Personalised business envelopes make a real difference

When it comes to business printing, bespoke envelopes featuring your design might not be one of your top priorities but there are real advantages to having customised envelopes for your business. They help to give your business greater credibility. If you're a business that relies a lot on trust and authority like an accountancy or legal firm, they help to reinforce your legitimacy.  If you're in a business that sends out lots of direct mail, they are essential and can help give you a competitive brand edge.

With the right design, they can draw your potential clients in and determine whether or not they open it and read the contents. They are your first chance to make the right impression on your potential customers and a vital component of any successful direct mail marketing strategy. 

How to create attractive printed envelopes that work for your business

The main task of a printed envelope is to ensure that the recipient opens it and reads the contents. With that in mind, the envelope design needs to be attractive. Design elements are the key components in getting the desired results. Make sure it includes short but relevant copy about your business and that any images you use are appropriate. Make sure they're used sparingly and thoughtfully so there isn't too much going on which can be off-putting. While being careful how much text you put on the envelope, be sure to include something about its contents. Why should the recipient open the envelope and read what's inside? 

Colour can make all the difference

Market research has shown that envelopes featuring colour design are more likely to be opened than those that don't. Used intelligently, colour printed envelopes can give your direct mail marketing campaign a real competitive edge.

Brightside can help you create custom printed mailing envelopes that get results

Brightside Print & Design Ltd is a print company based in London with over twenty years-experience. Our envelope design and printing service can help you create professional printed envelopes for your business or next direct mail marketing campaign.

As well as printed envelopes, we provide a full range of printing services for businesses such as leaflet printing and letterhead printing.

To learn more about Brightside Print & Design and to find out more about how we can help you with all your branded stationery requirements why not get in touch today?