Folder Printing

Businesses have more options today than ever before in terms of advertising platforms. The popularity of social media, for instance, has made a lot of companies jump into the bandwagon to make their presence felt online. However, this strategy doesn't always work for everyone. Big brands can easily gain followers but smaller businesses have difficulty gaining traction. Traditional forms of marketing are still quite effective, especially at the local level. Handing out promotional folders is one example of these. This versatile printed promotional tool can go a long way towards spreading the word about your brand, products or events.

Folders: A Tangible Promotional Tool

One advantage of this over social media is that it is tangible. Much like flyers and leaflets, people can hold it in their hands and keep it in their possession. They can look at it up-close, read all of the contents, and ponder about the offerings written for as long as they like. There is time to digest the message while they are on the train, waiting outside their doctor's office, sitting in a park, and so on. Unlike other platforms, there is really no limit on the amount of text or images that can be included except for the size of the paper. A4 or A5 paper sized folders are commonly used for folders.

An Endless Choice of Design

Once the folder is in the hands of an individual, it is up to the initial impact of the design to encourage reading. The quality of the print should be high leaving no doubt as to the professional nature of the business and the content within. A creative front cover might get a lot of people curious about the contents. Colourful photographs and illustrations will make the message clearer than plain text, and help entice people to read the contents. Make the point apparent at a glance. Provide hooks such as promo coupons and QR codes that can be used to redeem perks. 

Available Sizes and Materials for Printing

Let's delve quickly into the options available. Folders and their contents may be printed on one side only for lower cost or both sides to increase the space for messaging. Sizes can range from A3 to A7, although A4 is by far the most commonly used. The paper could be uncoated, silky, glossy, luxury or recycled. Weight could be anywhere from 100gsm up to 400gsm, the upper end going into cardboard levels of thickness which would suit the outer folder. It may or may not be laminated with a glossy or matte finish. Mix and match as deemed fit for the case at hand.

Users and Applications

Folders may be used by businesses across all industries and of all sizes. They are particularly useful in promoting special events, company information and product lines. They are able to reach people who are already in the immediate vicinity - those who have the capacity to go because of their proximity. These are also easy to make with a reliable folder printing company. They can be ready for distribution right away. Once a few people get a hold of them, the news will spread via word of mouth with the information passed around through the folders themselves.