Business Logo Design

What is a good logo design? It's really difficult to answer. It is often said that the perfect logo is a bold design that is eye-catching and brands itself into one's memory. Certainly some logos are just that – absolutely iconic.

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But unless one is dealing with a major corporate (and even they tend to follow the 'evolution, not revolution' route) or a massive budget new start-up company with marketing teams, most people have just a slight idea of what they want.

For this kind of situation we offer an initial meeting with the client to discuss their ideas, and then by producing some concepts showing how we interpret their thoughts of UK logo design. Usually we manage to develop one of these initial designs, but we may sometimes start again. That's the kind of process it is. We'd never claim to be able to produce what is wanted first time. Only the client knows what works for them and their organisation. Or, if our client is a start-up, they may need many concepts. As professional logo designers located in the UK we'll produce them – all within the quoted price for a business logo design.

Whether a logo design is required for your business, company presentation or an identity for your organisation, at Brightside our artists and logo designers UK understand what is required when embarking on a task of this magnitude for a global or national presence. We are masters at developing a corporate identity, on time and on budget.

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