Business Card Design

The ultimate aim of your business card's design is to make the recipient contact and remember you.

The art of designing a successful card is ensuring the contact details are perfectly legible. The rest of the design can be tailored to the message you're attempting to get across. 

Sometimes simplicity can be the key, as it has an air of professionalism. Or, if you need to tell people you're a young, fresh and innovative company then you may wish for a funkier design.

As with all printed items, cards can be in a variety of textures and weights. Some lend themselves to digital printing, others to litho printing or flexographic printing. Whatever your requirements, we can offer the advice you require.

Why Choose Business Cards?

Business cards are still important- even in the digital age.  When you meet a contact or prospect for the first time you usually give them one of your business cards.  This could occur at a first meeting or at a networking event.

At a networking event, your business cards are very important.  Beyond you, they give the receipient the first impression of your company.  They also form a lasting impression as your card gets filed in their business card holder if it is a good one.

First impressions count and it is vital that your business card makes a good one.  Even if someone has become familiar with your company online and comes in to see you for a chat or a meeting, it is still important that your card adds to the image of your company rather than ruin what you have worked so hard to build.   

Think about the last time you were handed a business card.  It is hard not to form an opinion based on the quality and information on the card.

A cheap business card, printed on flimsy card using a stock image (as offered by some cheap printing companies) makes a very poor impression.  What would you think of someone who did not have enough believe in their own business (or their employees) to invest a small amount of money in getting a good design and a set of cards professionally printed.

On the other hand, a professional designed and printed card on good thick stock makes a great impression.  Actually, the thicker the stock the more prospects feel they can trust your company.  Your card adds weight and gravitas to your business.

Design points

A business card can sell you and your business- if it is done correctly.  It is essentially a mini-flier, a little advertisement that can fit in someone’s wallet, purse or business card holder.  Here are our ten steps to getting it right:

  1. Make it stand out by using colour, layout, shape and materials.  You want something that makes an impression and stands out from your competitors.
  2. The look and feel must suit your company.  Design is important and you need to decide which type of design is right for you be it simple, professional, modern, boutique etc.
  3. Don’t forget the basic information.  You must included your name, job title, company name/logo and slogan, phone number (office and mobile if appropriate), e-mail and website address.
  4. Use the back of your card to highlight your products or services, your USP or even consider giving relevant and useful information.
  5. Website and email - You should use a professional hosted domain name rather than a free one such as
  6. Call to action – It is a good idea to include one, such as download our free e-book from our web site.
  7. Size matters - Use a simple font (8-10 points) that is easy to read like Arial or Times. Make sure your card is no bigger than the standard size (85 by 55mm) as it will not fit into cardholders.
  8. Consider your options.  There are many options such as folding business cards or having plastic or even metal business cards.  You need to pick something that suits your company
  9. Printing  The weight and texture of your business card are important.  Finishes are also important such as gloss or matt.  We can help you choose the right one for you.
  10. Do it properly- it is worth investing the money needed to get the design, look and print right.

Brightside can help you make all the right choices so you end up having the perfect business card and make the best impression possible for your business.  We can print them either digitally or lithographically for you.  The choice usually depends on the number that you need- small amounts can be done cost-effectively using digital printing whereas lithography is better suited to larger numbers.

You are invited to contact us to discuss your business cards need further and see how we can help you to make the right impression.

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