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The Start-up SEO Package

The Start-up LOCAL SEO Package is an excellent value starter SEO package is suitable for small websites that want to start gaining a better presence on the internet that only wish to target a very small area or perhaps a niche industry and aren't relying solely on their online presence to help market their business we achieve this using mainly on page optimisation techniques.

Full Keyword Analysis to help you find the best keywords for your site to target.

Technical Review to ensure your site is compatible with Google and other search engines.

Optimisation for your website to ensure integration with the agreed keywords and region.

Ranking Assessment to allow you to easily monitor where you are ranking.

  • £195pm price (ex VAT)
  • * Subject to an initial setup fee.

Super SEO Package

Our Super package, is great for sites looking for either a national presence with a medium level of competition in their industry, or a great regional presence in a higher competition industry.

The slightly higher budget for the SEO package allows us further time on your site to investigate making your site compliant with search engine requirements, but also introducing further services and resources to help increase your visibility through greater off site linkage but also help your brand awareness through such resources as social media. Our on site work includes professionally written copywriting on the home page and some internal pages inclusive of blog creation or development. Quality link buliding is generated with 8-15 natural backlinks or more created per month dependent on competition analysis. For reporting you will receive regular alert emails informing you of the progression with your keyword growth from your tiers 1, 2 and 3 selected keyword terms linked to your own online reporting page.

  • Custom price
  • + Start-Up & Advanced SEO Package
  • + 'Pay As You Go' Backlink Buying
  • + PPC SEO advertising management

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