Laurence Hobbs

Group National Sales Director

With over fifteen years' experience in the industry, Laurence has extensive knowledge of all aspects of printing and design.

Be it print management or in-house printing, digital or litho printing, poster or banner printing, Laurence's involvement with all aspects of printing has enabled him to offer first class service to our clients.

Working closely with our design team has also given him extensive knowledge of clients' design requirements, enabling him to offer advice, when required, and an involvement that places clients' wishes above all else.

Laurence Hobbs


Graham McHarg

Head of Design & Print Production

Having many years' experience working in design and advertising agencies, Graham joined Brightside some fifteen years ago, once again having been a client.

His all-round knowledge of the industry, coupled with his acute design skills, have enabled Brightside to work with both private- and public-sector organisations of the highest calibre. Producing many brochures and school and academy prospectuses, Brightside has utilised his experience of art direction on our many photo shoots.

With unrivalled graphic and typographic skills, he can advise, develop or interpret clients' graphic design requirements quickly and efficiently, producing both legible and high quality designs within budget. His presence is an asset to both Brightside and our clients.

Richard Vivash

Head of Web Development & Digital Marketing

Producing websites nowadays is pretty straightforward. Getting a website that sells for you is another matter.

Richard's skill in this area is second-to-none. He produces websites that look good, are functional, and include the items that are essential to being found on the various search engines. The use of relevant phrases and terms that relate to your product or industry are essential for inclusion to improve your SEO.

All clients require different things from their sites, so please give us a call and we can advise on the best way forward.

1 Aaron Agostini | Digital Chief Storyteller | SEO Service Having a website is easy – getting it found is not so easy! This is where Aaron excels. His professional approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) is applied to clients' websites with a view to increasing their likelihood of being found by prospective clients. It is an area often neglected, but if ignored can lead to your website being found on the seach engine's final pages. Aaron's involvement with all aspects of communications has enabled him to offer first class service to our clients.
2 Greta Debiasi | Websites Lead Graphic Designer/Digital Greta has vast experience in the sector of art and communication, and has an outstanding knowledge of graphic design software including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc. Greta is very creative. She develops a design format from the copy supplied and incorporates the client's images. If no images are available Greta selects relevant images from the various sources we have (these being reputable image banks, with small charges per image) and offers page designs in PDF format to the client. When the final pages are passed by the client, Greta usually sends these to Richard, who very quickly and efficiently incorporates the designs into the finished website.
3 Kate Fishel | National Sales Client Relations Director Kate has worked with Brightside for seven years. Kate handles printing, both digital and lithographic printing, promotional merchandise and website design account management. Having previously worked 'on the other side' as a client at Selfridges, Kate has in-depth knowledge and understanding of customers' requirements for sales development, whether it be by traditional printing methods or digital media, being delivered on time and within clients' budgets.
4 Susan Watkins | Accounts Finance Director Susan works on the procuring and provision of all Brightside's services. Alongside this, all invoicing, contracts for service orders, and PO numbers are managed centrally by the finance department.