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Brightside Print & Design Ltd can offer you the opportunity of having your brochure printed either digitally or by lithography. We have been printing brochures and booklets for a good many years. So long, in fact, that along the way we’ve gained experience in hot metal, lithography and digital printing. Fortunately, we’ve recruited new staff along the way! There is no rule of thumb as to which is best for printing brochures (or anything else, for that matter!). There are so many variables, such as paper weight, amount of pages, type of binding, and, most importantly the amount of copies required.

Given the opportunity to quote on a project, we invariably give a price for both digital and litho printing. Very often the price makes the decision for you. For instance, for very short run work litho prices become prohibitive when compared to digital, as the printing plate prices have to factored in. Likewise, digital printing tends to be charged per copy, enabling litho printing to be more competitive the longer the printing run. To guide you through this maze are our experienced staff, always willing to discuss the alternatives that will enable you to produce a brochure of excellent quality at a very competitive price.

What is a brochure? Well, it certainly has multiple pages, and is bound. The amount of pages vary, sometimes exceeding one hundred. The form of binding varies also. It can be saddle stitched (two or more staples along the spine), perfect bound (glued on the spine, with no staples) or even wire or plastic spiral bound. The word 'brochure' conjures up images of high quality, colour pages, printed on superior stock. But the reality is that a brochure can be one colour, and printed on low quality paper.

As with most printed media a brochure's purpose is to sell or inform. How well it does this is entirely dependent upon the quality of the brochure design. A badly designed brochure can have the reverse effect than was intended. Most of us have picked up a brochure in a store or elsewhere, taken it home and sat and browsed - just because it looked inviting. It may be selling something we have absolutely no interest in, but the document looked inviting. That is the power of design. And a well designed brochure can promote your business or organisation far better than most other selling tools.

As an example of the effectiveness of brochure advertising, we at Brightside have a department selling promotional merchandise – BrightsideBits. It has its own website,, but it is the BrightsideBits brochure that generates the most business leads. Why? Because, we assume, potential clients enjoy browsing through the pages of a very well produced brochure. Strange, but nevertheless, a fact.

Such is the power of the printed word when combined with good design and legibility.

So, if you're looking to have your brochure designed or printed, please contact us and we'll discuss the most cost-effective way of having it produced.


Additional Brochure Printing Information 

If you are running a business, marketing is a very important aspect for the success of your business. Brochures are very effective marketing tools if they are prepared at the right time and for the right audience. Well, let us explore what brochures can do for your business irrespective of whether you deal with products or service delivery.

Brochure size

There are different sizes of brochures. They can be classified in terms of the size of the paper used: A4, A3 and A5 brochures. To choose amongst these sizes, you have to keep several factors in mind. First, the size of the business and the number of products offered. A big organisation that has a lot of products or brands under its roof should go for the larger size. This is to avoid squeezing a lot of information into a small space thereby creating a bad image. You also need to understand your clientele. Executive clients should not be treated the same way as other clients. If you are not sure which size to go for, seek expert advice in the initial stages of designing the brochure.

Advantages of brochures

Well, despite it being a very effective marketing tool for your products and brands, the clients gets a chance to refer to the brochure in future. They may also pass the brochures to other prospective clients who may enquire about your products. A brochure is also exhaustive in terms of explaining the major aspects of your products and brands. If you meet a prospective client who is in a hurry or has no time to listen to you, the brochure comes in handy. Since the brochures use both text and pictures, they give a client a better picture of what your organisation can do for them.

When you have a brochure, you will save time creating a different information pack for each client who requests it. It therefore allows you to save on time and respond on time to client demands. You may also have a soft copy of the brochure to cater for those clients who no longer use slow mail for their business transactions. These brochures can be dispatched with goods to create awareness when new products are launched. When brochure printing and design is done the right way, you get the chance to arouse interest even in those people you never expected to.

Brochure printing in London

There are different styles that are used to print brochures. The most common brochure printing style is offset lithography. Here the content to be printed is engraved on an aluminium plate. Subsequently, this is transferred to a rubber blanket and ultimately to the printing surface. It is used to print on flat surfaces and can be used for paper, cardboard as well as other surfaces. Another printing style is the flexography that uses a rubber plate. The image is therefore transferred from the inked rubber plate to the printing surface. This method can also be used for several types of printing materials and it is more common for newspapers and labels as opposed to brochure printing. Other types of brochure printing styles are digital printing, gravure printing and screen printing.  What is important is compatibility between your printing surface and the technology or surfaces where the content is engraved. The better the technology the more likely it is that your products will be of very high quality. The printing styles can be used for A5 brochure printing, A4 brochure printing and A3 brochure printing.


Brochure Printing Testimonials:


"Brightside did a great job producing a brochure recently for one of our practice teams, both in the design and in getting it printed to a tight deadline." - Marketing Manager, Garden Court Chambers.

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