Brochure Design

A good brochure design can really highlight your business and give customers a glimpse of what to expect from you and the service you can offer. A brochure may be the first thing a prospective customer sees about your business - this is hugely important, and the main objective of supplying your brochure is so the customer contacts you to create a new business/customer relationship. The purpose of your brochure should reflect what your business has to offer – are you a business who can provide a service or a business who sells goods?

Brochures can be used for various promotional messages. Brochures promoting services can be anything from hire companies to wedding planners explaining the service they provide. Brochures promoting goods for sale can be to highlight specific goods you are selling; holidays, cars, food etc.

A brochure can be designed based on how you intend to use it; is the brochure for a specific time frame or for a longer period? Short term brochures may include detailed and specific information, whereas a long term brochure may be very broad and just used to promote the business without displaying too much information that over time may change. An example of this would be price lists – if your business has a price review periodically but you need a long term brochure you may not want to include the price list and ask potential customers to contact you for further information. Short term brochures may be used when the content may change frequently such as seasonal products on offer or improved and updated stock.

Different designs and styles play an essential part when targeting your market. Understanding your target audience can help to design your brochure. There are many styles available; professional, modern, minimum, arty, boutique to name just a few. A well established brand may only need a minimum style as many people are aware of the business already and so less detail is needed. If the main purpose of your brochure is to promote your business, you may only need a few pictures and a broad description of your business – these can be used long term and can include general information about your service and business. Professional brochures can offer a lot more content and can have numerous pages detailing specific information. An example of this maybe a school that is preparing to enrol another year of students and they want to provide the parents with detailed information on how the school has been performing, government Ofsted reports, all of which can be printed in one brochure enabling the parents to have all the information to hand.

Some businesses require a lot of information to be available in the brochure – customers may generally already be aware of the business and what it offers but require further detailed information. Some businesses create brochures for general browsing, and little content and eye catching pictures are perfect for this. Too much detail can sometimes be an overload and may deter the customer from contacting you – again, understanding your target audience and the means of your brochure will help to decide your design.

Here at Brightside Print and Design Ltd we can help to design your brochure based on your business requirements. For a simple process, we ask that you supply us with any specific content and images and we will send you a sample spread for your approval. We will liaise with you and tweak your design until you are happy with the final proof. If you do not have specific images, we can source these for you. Once we have designed your brochure we can also offer a brochure printing service to complete the task. Our Print Management Team can offer experience and knowledge when creating your brochure and you can have full confidence we will promote your business in the best possible way!




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