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Website devopment is more than just having an idea. A lot of things are important to set up a good and website, which can be found and displayed on every single device. Our professionel and experienced webdevelopment and design team will guide you through this process. 
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What can Brightside do for You? 
  1. You have 24/7 access to your website!
  2. You don't need any coding knowledge to put in your own content. We will set up a CMS for you!
  3. Guarantee of Individuality 
  4. We will provide Flexibility: Flexibility in customizing is important as well.
  5. Your Website has to be User-Friendly:
    For You and for your clients. This is one of the major facts - your site visitors need to find what they are looking for immediately, otherwise they will get mad and probably leave your website. Our team will take you through the process of building a quality website and make it easy to follow along.
  6. Brightside Webdevopment is Affordable 
  7. You like social media? We will include all the things you need to make the people aware of your social media pages
Another important fact: SEO is everything!
  • Your website's main function is to be found. Learn and understand the keywords that will be used when people are searching for your product/service. They can be utilised to maximise the possibility of your website being found.
  • Organise any information into main categories and use simple words for the titles. This aids the process of creating a clean and easy page to navigate.
  • We recommend your website is not mainly Flash orientated if you want to be found by search engine programs, Blackberry or iPhone devices.
  • There are many pitfalls when developing a website, the above being just a few of them. Get in contact with us and we can guide you through this complicated task.

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