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One of the most popular mediums of advertisement across the globe, flyers offer a cost effective advertising solution to businesses, charities, governments and many other organisations that wish to promote themselves, products or services. Importantly, they are also exempt from VAT. Digital printing is by far the most common form of flyer printing, with a quick printing turnaround that is a popular choice for most clients.

Single or double sided flyers can be printed on various papers – silk, matt or gloss – with various sizes from A6 to A3.

Importantly, these are VAT exempt. Pricing, as always, depends on quantity, so please contact us with your specifications and we'll respond promptly with our prices.

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Most flyer printing outfits will quote around four to five business days for turnaround time, and that is for printing approximately a thousand copies or more. Two business days are entirely possible, although such a time frame usually carries an added cost; in the same manner that printing 100 copies or less, does. Other price variables are the weight of the paper used, the brightness of the paper, and the number of colours used in flyer printing.

Commonly used for promotional exercises, flyers are a fantastic, low-cost yet effective way to get a message across to prospective customers. This usually involves promoting the date of an event and the details of what is occurring on that date, often incorporated into a design that is tailored towards the intended market. Examples of instances that flyers are commonly used include, but are not restricted to, advertising functions and club nights, charity events and retail discount sales.

Much like Leaflets, can be printed with single or double sided information, and range is size. The commonly include A6, A5 and A4, and less commonly DL (which is that same width as A4 but only a third of the height).

Although there are various weights of paper available, commonly printed media appears on 100, 120, 140 or 160gsm. Generally speaking the heavier the paper weight, the higher quality the flyer for a more professional look and feel. And of course, all the paper used in printing at Brightside Print & Design is ethically sourced.

There are several theories as to why this advertising medium is called a ‘flyer’. One popular belief is the name was given to propaganda publications dropped from aeroplanes. More probable, the term ‘flyer’ relates to the ease of distribution and success rate as a promotional tool. The reason flyers do so well is because they are an immediate and unavoidable form of promotion that the recipient may find difficult to ignore when it is in their hands, unlike marketing emails that are easily overlooked and often end up in a junk or spam folder.

In summary, flyer printing is a well-established, very flexible, and a recession-proof industry.  More importantly, it is an advertising medium that thrives simply because it works so well. By all indications, flyer printing is here to stay.

Flyer Printing Testimonials:


"We have been using Brightside Print & Design Ltd for over four years. They provide us with various products including brochures, flyers (double sided and single sided), stationery, promotional merchandise, electronic Outlook templates with email signature, presentation banner systems and bespoke Army material. Professional and diligent, Brightside have a vast knowledge and understanding of customers' needs and requirements. All products are delivered within strict timelines and feedback is always provided on potential end products. Their service is invaluable and the input of their personnel is refreshing. In summary, Brightside are an excellent and reliable company who provide a multitude of high quality products." - Lottery Manager, Army.

5 out of 5

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