Banner Stands

We offer various kinds of banner stands, of all sizes and constructions.

Our famous "Roll Up Banner" is without any questions the easiest way of presenting your brand and message quickly with maximum impact. This one is ideal for exhibitions, conferences or any situation where you want to display a message. Pull up stands, also known as roller banners or retractable banner stands, work very much like a roller blind, only in reverse ;)

A flexible printed graphic is wound tightly in the base unit under tension and is pulled up from the floor and attached to the top of an aluminum pole. It takes no more than a few seconds to set up and the same to pack away.

With a maximum wieght of 4kg it's is also easy to transport!


• Display area 2000mm x 800mm
• Supplied with Full Colour Graphic
• Padded carry bag included
• Quick to assemble and easy to use 
• Printed on the highest quality media,
• Anti Curl with 100% Blockout 
• Quality assured & Guaranteed
• Lightweight and portable (Weight 4 Kilos)
• Seconds to assemble
• Fantastic value for money
• Can be positioned together to form a larger graphic or wall

If you make a poster and have to lay it on a table, it does not get people's attention. If you hang it up with a drawing pin or tape it to a wall, you appear unprofessional and cheap. Moreover, many venues will not allow tape or pins to be used. The solution to both these problems is to display a poster properly using a banner stand. A poster is for advertising, so what's the purpose of a poster that no one sees?

What is a Banner Stand?

The banner stand is a free-standing, cord-less (unless there are lights built in) item that you can take anywhere and set up without requiring hooks, plugs, or other accessories. While conference centres might supply a few stands to companies or groups renting space, renters don't know how modern they are. Stands might be too heavy or complicated to use. They might be the wrong size or pinch and tear banner materials.

Types of Banner Stands

Stands vary in size, shape, and the type of feet they use according to the material and dimensions of the banners and posters they are going to hold. Heavier materials require a wide and solid foot made from steel or dense plastic. A smaller footprint and lighter paper can be held up using a round foot in the style of a floor lamp or a narrow foot made from lighter plastic or rubber. Adjustable banner stands can be raised or lowered to accommodate many banners over time, so if you change format and move to a different style of banner it won't matter as far as your stand is concerned.

Collapsible stands take up very little room. Their aluminium legs and arms come apart for stacking inside a carrier bag. These types of stands are easy to assemble, usually without tools. Aluminium is light, so you don't need a heavy-lifter to manage the gear or a technical person to put it together and take it apart.

Solid items resemble old-fashioned shop sign posts with the lamp stand base and spine reaching up to a horizontal or rounded piece sporting hooks. This holds a banner from the top only. Other stands tackle all four corners or both edges to stretch the sign out flat and make sure it isn't wrinkled or blown around in the wind or when lots of people are passing by.

High-Tech Banner Stands

If you have a rotating sign, you can order an electronic system which rolls the banner. It will not wrinkle or tear but every so often the image and text changes to keep consumers at a conference or exhibition guessing what will be next.

Why Own a Banner Stand?

You can rent banner stands or borrow them from exhibition facilities, but there are advantages to owning one. Firstly, you determine how easy your item is to use. Another is that you can build the banner first then select an accommodating stand, not the other way around. Thirdly, the stand you choose will help to show off your banner and promote your product or organisation.

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