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Since the creation of Brightside, over 20 years ago, we have been offering graphic design as a key valuable service to our clients. With experience gained from within the advertising and design industry, our team of designers are able to create superior graphics that combine impressive typography and inspiring photography. Unlike some designers we understand that a design needs to work across an array of platforms, so we hold the view that not only should a design look good, but it should have the same impact whether it’s printed or being viewed electronically.

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At Brightside we understand that before getting that eureka moment it is normal for our clients to consider various designs before finding ‘the one’. As graphic design is such as subjective skill we endeavor to provide as many variations as it is practical to assist with your choice.  This is particularly important with Logo Design as this tends to be the starting point for many new businesses and rebranding projects.

When it comes to design there are numerous styles that can be considered depending on whether you want to create a professional impact with a Brochure Design or a more simplistic look for a Business Card Design or Postcard Design. Sometimes in fact, simplicity can be the key offering a subtle air of professionalism, however if you are a young, fresh and innovative company, such as a university then you may wish for a funkier style for that Prospectus Design.

Our designers will meet with you to gain an understanding of your target audience to create a style that will appeal to them and incorporate your company’s image whether that’s; professional, modern, minimalistic, arty, boutique or classical to name but a few. If you already have a well-established and recognisable brand you may only require a minimal style as your customers will already be aware of your business and therefore less detail is required.

If you have a strong brand, your logo will often do the talking for you and therefore Flyer Design and Leaflet Design can focus more on the content. Having the option of a one or two sided design can enable your message to be communicated in a cost effective way. As with your Poster Design and Folder Design sometimes less is more, but sometimes especially with Folder Design it is not only the design that is important, it is also the technical details such as how many documents it is intended to contain which will of course effect the size of the gusset and the overall design.

When it comes to that all important Annual Report Design it’s important to remember that text heavy documents can often be very off-putting. By incorporating relevant images and simple methods such as bullet points and quotes they can help get your point across in an engaging manner.

Being a print and design agency we produce items in both traditional and electronic formats which is useful when it comes to your company Newsletter Design. The team at Brightside are able to create impactful designs that look just as good on paper as they do on the screen providing an alternative option for your customers.

With the use of colour, typography and textures we can create designs that your competitors will be envious of, creating an impact to stop your potential customers in their tracks.

Design Testimonials:


"During my career, working in a number of multinational organisations, it has been necessary to engage creative design agencies. Fundamentally, in a busy world you require people who can understand the brief, work within your timeframes and budgets, whilst still maintaining their creative edge. My thanks to Brightside for ticking all these boxes." -Andrew Clarke, M.D. Specialist Insulation Division, SIG PLC

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