Conference Posters

Conference poster printing is something we've supplied for many years.

Wherever you are based we can print your posters to meet tight deadlines. They can be produced to any of the standard sizes or alternatively, made to measure.

Delivery can be arranged to anywhere in the UK, or internationally.


A conference poster could be a first point of contact with one's potential audience. Organizers use this tool to reach people who remember things better when they see them than something they hear on the radio. Well designed conference posters share certain features and benefits, as outlined below.

 Benefits of a Conference Poster

 As noted above, there are those who absorb information better if they can see it, particularly if a poster features images as well as text. Designs should be eye-catching enough to encourage individuals to take a look and also flexible enough to be formatted into various sizes. This poster could be handed out to people in a card-sized format which will easily fit into a purse or pocket. It might be large enough to hang up on a community information board or a staff room wall. Some organizers even design posters which look good on a PC screen or a mobile device.

 What is the Purpose of a Poster?

Conference posters perform a function besides getting people's attention. They share information with interested members of the public, a student body, or a professional organization. This information leaves those who consider attending in no question of the most important details:

  • Time and duration
  • Speaker and purpose
  • Location
  • Cost (if applicable)
  • Anything participants will need to bring
  • Contact email, phone number, and website

Extras found in any poster are usually persuasive items which heighten interest such as statistics which support the position one's conference title suggests the speaker is taking. Pictures can also be poignant if the issue has to do with human or animal rights. There should be some element which engages people's hearts and curiosity, not just information.

 Good Designs

Leave a margin around the edges of the poster which is the same on each side. Organize material into categories by creating blocks of information one can easily process. Each block should represent something different. Control the urge to print so much text that the poster starts to resemble an enlargement of a university essay: intelligent text is good, with ideas suggested but not fully fledged. Leaving something the readers will be curious about. A good poster is not all text: graphics, such as charts or pictures, break up the uniformity of writing while images highlight the human or emotional element.

 Ineffective Designs

 A poorly designed poster contains too much writing: it is boring or confusing in its fullness. Too many images suggest that the conference will not be informational or the speaker is ill prepared. If he was ready and had lots to say he would be unafraid to share more, but sparse writing indicates that he is afraid of giving everything away on the poster before getting on stage to speak. Poor design also leaves out basic information (price, date, time, speaker, title, contact, and location). These elements might be on the poster but hidden by inept organisation; camouflaged in the midst of text that is so excessive there are no margins left on the paper.

Good designers select a style of font that is easy to read because content is the interesting part. Brightside offer a range of poster printing options as well as a full poster design service so that you can create the perfect conference poster, we even offer banner stands to hang your poster from.